Monday, February 21, 2011

DEMCAD: Libya Revolts & Gerald Correct was Right (again)!

By Reginald Kaigler (DEMCAD)

It looks like Gerald Celente was absolutely correct in forecasting a worldwide revolution. As he stated in several interviews, "The youth of the world will unite." First, the was Tunisia, then Egypt and now we're seeing civil unrest in Libya. Protesters have actually captured cities and military bases. This reads more like a revolution than a series of demonstrations. And it's getting bigger by the day. We're seeing protests Algeria, Iran and Wisconsin.

The unions are battling a newly elected Republican Governor in Wisconsin for the bargaining agreement rights, the Green Movement is pushing against the Iranian government and the entire Middle East appears to be on the edge of chaos. Once again, Celente was right.

What's even more amazing about Gerald Celente's forecast is the accuracy of the details. He correctly predicted the use of social media in fighting regimes. He called it, "Journalism 2.0." For those of you who don't know, Celente is the president of the Trend Research Institute. This man successful predicted the stock market crash of 87, 9/11 and the crash of 2008. So when this guys warns us about the collapse of America, you better listen.

As far as the civil unrest, I think the primary factor is the most obvious. People can't afford to support their families. Remember when the idiots at the Federal Reserve were using qualitative easing to stimulate the U.S. economy last year? Well, this is what happens when you print dollars out of thin air. This is what happens when you produce more currency that isn't backed by anything of real value.

The value of the dollars decrease, prices go up because it takes more dollars to buy the same product and most people's income can not keep up with the increase in dollars. This is why people like Peter Schiff and Marc Faber attack the Federal Reserve. This is what inflation does to the people. People are revolting, because the price of food is rising and they can't afford it. And this is what's going to happen in America. We're already seeing the prices rise and the packages of food sink.

Wisconsin is just the beginning. The states can not afford to pay their bills and unlike the federal government, they can't borrow money from the Federal Reserve. They're going to have cut spending and/or raise taxes. For the record, I think raising taxes right now would be insane. But they MUST cut spending. They simply don't have a choice. The only other option would be a federal bailout, but if that happens, the federal government would have to borrow even more money. So no matter what happens, we're in for a lot of pain.

Libya: Colonel Gaddafi 'flees' to Venezuela as cities fall to protesters

Iran opposition considers more protests

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Saturday, February 19, 2011

DEMCAD: The Dollar's END is Inevitable!

By Reginald Kaigler (DEMCAD)

Rejoice, the House GOP managed to cut $60 billion in spending for the federal government's budget for the remainder of this year. Forgive me if I'm not impressed. We have a $1.5 trillion deficit for this year alone. That's like saying instead of getting drunk and running us $10,000 in credit card debt, you're going to run skip a bar along the way and only spend $9,800 in your drunken stupor.

House Republicans win spending cuts after marathon funding debate

What this means is that the GOP has committed this country to staying on its current collision course with a currency meltdown. The only thing stopping the U.S. dollar from melting down is the lack of a new system to take its place. But I assure you that when the IMF finishes the final touches on their SDR (Special Drawing Rights), America's borrowers position themselves safely against the dollar and the federal has the inevitable bond auction failure, we're see the end of the U.S. Dollar as the world reserve's currency. And this will lead to a dramatic decline in the standard of living for virtually all Americans.

People have sent me messages wondering what I think about the union protests in Wisconsin. Is this the beginning of the revolution? No, I doubt it. When I see people in the streets with pitchforks, torches and AK-47s, then we can talk. Until then, I will dismissed this as a union battle. The bottom line is that the state governments over expanded and made promises that it could not keep during the good times and now that we are in the bad times, people are finding that out.

You haven't seen anything yet. Just wait until the food stamps and welfare get cut.

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My name is Reginald Kaigler. Most people call me DEMCAD. I am neither a Republican nor Democrat. I am libertarian who has become frustrated by the betrayal of politicians from both political parties. I support limited government, free enterprise, reasonable taxes, civil liberties and social justice.

I am a 29 year old Michigan native who lived in a small town on an island in Alaska for two years. I moved to Ketchikan, Alaska in January 2008 to serve as an Americorps VISTA (Volunteer in Service to America) at Ketchikan High School. I helped high school kids acquire scholarships, apprenticeships and jobs. I also served as the liaison for the high school, assistant in the Class Act programs and the web administrator for the Counseling website. It was the best time of my life. I never knew that I could connect with so much people on such a positive level.

Now, I'm living with my family in Flint, MI. I'm using my online work to support my family. People still ask me how I ended up with the name DEMCAD. In high school, I attended two years of computer drafting and loved it. I was actually pretty decent. Okay, I was was good. The program I used for my work was called AutoCAD. So ever since then, I've been using AutoCAD as part of my names and usernames. CAD represents Computer aided drafting.
I used to love AutoCAD when I was a kid. DEM is just a variant name of CAD. (i.e. XEONCAD) So that's how I came up with the name DEMCAD.


Let me take the time to also clear up so issues. Some people ask me about my religious beliefs. Do you believe in God? The answer is...Learn some manners. Polite people don't ask strangers about their religious views. Religion is something that almost always divide people, so I avoid it like the plague. Don't expect a video about God on the DEMCAD channel.


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Saturday, February 12, 2011

DEMCAD: Hard Truth about SHTF Prep!

By Reginald Kaigler (DEMCAD)

First, let me disclose the intent of this blog post. This writing is in no way might to be comprehensive. My name is Reginald Kaigler, I have a BA in criminal justice, I am a blogger on youtube (DEMCAD), but I am not an expert on preparing for disasters. I am not a survivalist who lives in a underground bunker. I don't own an arsenal of guns. I can't afford to play GI Joe on the weekends and I have no intention of sugar coating what I believe to be the cold hard truth.

The world as we know it will changed and it will happen soon. If maybe sparked by the bankruptcies of American state governments, or maybe the implosion of the Eurozone via debt or perhaps the global food crisis will spread civil unrest across the globe. The evidence is clear: UN is reporting record increases in food prices, real unemployment is rising, the federal government is out of money, the Federal Reserve continues to devalue the dollar, the housing sector is getting worse, no one has thrown the criminal on Wall Street in prison and the hundreds of trillions of dollars of derivatives still threatens the entire world system. It only takes one event to create a devastating crisis. This event is eloquently referred to by survivalists and preppers as the SHTF (Shit Hits The Fan.)


I can't tell you how to prepare for such an event, but I can tell you what I've been doing. I've been buying extra cans of food every month for my food storage. The primary storage is in my basement where I have the following foods stored.

Corn Beef Harsh
Peaches Mixed fruits
Various Soups

I also have a 5 gallon bucket of rice and 20 pounds of wheat grain in my closet also with cans of beans, chili, chicken noodle soup and oatmeal. I also store ammo for my three guns (Glock 21, Mossberg Maverick 30-06 and my Mossberg 500). I've released numerous videos on my youtube channel DEMCAD about this very subject.

I also have my tools (which includes a framing hammer, crowbar, Annihilator bar, hatchet, staple gun, hammer, screwdriver set and much more) in my closet. My preparations are very organized.

Emergency Bag

I even have an emergency bag. This bag is equipped with the following...
Water filter
Water bottle
Waterproof matches
SAS survival guide
fishing line
Folding Saw
Pocket Shovel
Personal documents (state ID)



So here's what I've learned about emergency preparation.

5. Start gathering Information
Before you buy that one year supply of food, you may want to shop around. And is it really a good idea to buy an ar-15 when you live in the desert? You need to research the guns, the food and everything before you start spending cash.

4. Assess Your Situation
No one plan will work for everyone. Just because it was a good idea for me to buy a 45 caliber, that doesn't mean that it will be the best option for you. Maybe the powerful, but cheaper (and more available) 40 S&W would be better for you. People living in Arizona and New Mexico should store more water than folks in Colorado. if you live near street gangs, you better be aware.Start walking around your neighbor and other areas to find alternate routes to important locations such as hospitals.

3. Get a Gun!
No one cares about your politics. No one cares about your ideas about a gun free world. Iit's never going to happen and when that drugged-out psycho is standing in your living room with a knife and a hard on, you're going to wish you had a Glock in your hand. Police departments are cutting cops all across the country as the nation descends into a deeper downturn. Good luck relying on 911 to save you if someone breaks into your house.

You'll also be happy to use your 22 to hunt for rabbits if the grind crashes.

2. Be Realistic
Don't go overboard witht he machine guns. There's only one of you and if you have a bunch of guns and no food, you'll be in big trouble. And don't think that silver will be your salvation. Yes, silver is real money, but in a SHTF scenario, no one is going to trade in their food and ammo for silver. Not unless you are trading with a foreign group.

If you live in an urban area, most of your encounters will be close quarters. You probably won't be picking looters or gang members off at 500 yards, so you better start with a good home defense weapon. The pump action shotgun is second to none in this category. The 12 Gauge round is highly verstile and powerful. You can use slugs to hit targets 100 yards aways or destroy body parts at close range. I'm planning on using 00 buckshot for most of my home defense. My primary weapon is the Mossberg 500. The Remington 870 also has a great reputation, but I like the location of the Mossberg's safety and the fact that the military has been using them.

I rely on a Glock 21 pistol as a backup. Sure the FN-57 is one of the coolest pistols you've ever seen. it's light light, has plenty of ammo in the magazine, very little recoil and looks awesome. But let me ask you a question: Who in the hell shoots a 5.7x28mm round?

Answer: Probably no one that you know of. And if you're the only guy with a 5.7 pistol during the collapse, you'll be out of luck when you run out of ammo. Please stick to the common calibers, so that you can trade ammo with your neighbors and friends. If you buy a pistol that shoots a 38, 357, 9mm, 40 S&W or 45 Auto, you'll find someone with the ammo you need.

Frankly, since most pistol fights take place in close quarters, I didn;t see the point of getting a fast traveling caliber. I decided to go with maximum stopping power. In handsight, the 40 caliber may have been a good compromise of speed and power, but I errored on the side of power and bought a 45 caliber pistol.

The Sig Sauer is a great gun, but it's heavy and expensive. The FN-45 tactical is 1,000 bucks. Simply too rich for my blood. Glock has an excellent reputation, it's made by Germanic people, it's cost effective and has no external safeties to worry about. in the heat of the moment, I don't want to be the character that forgets to drop the safety.

1. The Sooner the Better
Unless you're Bruce Wayne, you can't afford to wait until the last minute to start preparing for an emergency. Most people can't afford to buy a six month supply of food in one day. Waiting until the shit hits the fan to buy a gun with leave you vulnerable to price gouging. And realistically, most areas don't carry a large supply of guns. Expect food prices to go up, so the longer you wait, the more you may pay.

So start sitting around and start preparing.

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