Sunday, April 29, 2012

What Women Should Do During SHTF

By Reginald Kaigler (DEMCAD)

How would an average single woman fare in the event of a society breakdown? Let's say that there was a situation that caused a major panic, bank runs, riots, chaos in grocery stores, a massive influx in home invasions and much worse. How would a single woman protect herself in such a scenario? I've always wondered how a female could ever be anti-gun, especially when most women are physically smaller and weaker than 50% of the population. Given the fact that most violent predators are men, if attacked, the average woman would most certainly be facing an opponent with superior strength and weight.

So listening to a woman rant against guns has never made any sense to me. But I want to address the women who are sensible enough to protect them. Rather you are a man or a woman, you can be attacked at almost anything. Being a 300 pound, 6'2" man doesn't make me immune to attack. Anyone can be attacked, so we must try to be prepared at all times, so when a crisis happens, we'll be better suited to adapt to the changing circumstances. Here are the principles I try to practice.  

1. Situational Awareness
This means being aware of our surroundings at all times. Something that I have failed to do at times. Too often, strangers on bikes have been able to surprise me while I was walking down the street, enjoying tunes on my mp3 player. But living in a dangerous city like Flint, Michigan means that I could only be seconds away from an attack at all times. I have to keep reminding myself to not let the music distract me. In a society breakdown, predators will take advantage of the chaos by targeting vulnerable women (an men). I would recommend that if there are riots in your town, stay off the streets. Rushing to Walmart to buy more food may not be worth the risk of leaving your home unattended. This is why we prep, so we don't have to be in the panicky mob fighting for food.  

2. Following My Instincts
Have you ever had a bad feeling about something or a strange place? Well, that's your animal instinct warning. it's the same instinct that allows a deer to sense danger. I used to watch nature shows with my mother when I was a kid and I remember the lions targeting the dumbass prey that was separated from his pack. There's a lesson to learn. Under normal conditions, I walk by myself a lot. During a society breakdown, I would avoid such practice. It would be unwise for a woman (or a man) to travel alone. Remember, the overwhelming majority of women don't carry a gun, so targeting a lone woman during a crisis would be ideal for a predator.  

3. Act Quickly! Don't Depend On Some Guy!
How fast you react could be the difference between living and dying. If I were a woman, I would assume that no man would be coming for my rescue. it sounds silly, but a lot of women (and men) think that some government agency or a man will come through in a crisis. Ladies, you are responsible for your own lives. Too many women have been programmed to expect men (and government) to do certain things for them. I asked my sister on several occasions if she wanted to go to the gun range and learn how to shot. I remind her respond at Hurley Medical Center. "No, but I'm a girl. That's for you guys." Ladies, this type of foolishness could cost you dearly.  

4. Lock and Load
I highly recommend you consider taking a CCW (concealed carry weapon) permit class and carrying a pistol. If not a pistol, pepper spray, a knife or a stun gun. But you better be ready to use them. And keep in mind that all of these tools require training. I should also add that pepper spray may not stop the assailant as fast as you want. A 12 Gauge pump action shotgun will go a long way in discouraging a rapist. And please, please, don't put labels/signs on your car and home that single you out.

5. Don't Get Singled Out

Do you really need big brushes in front and around you home? it could give a burglar excellent cover when attempting to break into your home? And how much privacy do you really want? A privacy fence keeps noisy neighbors from watching you, but it also provides cover for the burglars.

In the video below, two men try to enter a woman's house by kicking down the door. Fortunately, it was a well made door and she also had a gun for protection. But I suspend that her privacy fence was one of the things that attracted the criminals in the first place.

6. A Dog is A Woman's Best Friend 
Nothing will discourage a burglar as fast as a German Shepard or a Rottweiler. You don't need a pit bull to scare a rapist away from your home. A Golden Retriever will bite the hell out of a creeper. Dogs have been used by humans for warning and protection from predators for years. A dog can save during normal conditions and also during the worst. Bottom line, a woman should be prepared for dealing with threats in a scenario where emergency 911 operators aren't able to send the police. I am not a security expert, but my common sense dictates that you should watch the nature/wildlife documentaries and avoid doing what the lamb does. You know, the one that ends up as the lion's dinner.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Barack Obama vs. Mitt Romney

Barack Obama vs. Mitt Romney
By Reginald Kaigler (DEMCAD)

Barack Obama. A man that brought false hope, empty promises and more corporate sponsors that a NASCAR driver. A man who said what people wanted to hear, but failed to accomplish anything. A man who protected Bush torturers, lied about closing Gitmo Bay and escalated the war in Afghanistan Yeah, that Barack Obama. The same Obama who joined Bush and McCain and Romney in supporting TARP, so Wall Street criminals could steal from taxpayers. Yeah, this is the guy who received a Noble peace prize for spending tens of thousands of soldiers into Afghanistan. Then solidified the irony by ignoring the constitution and illegally bombed Libya. But that wasn’t enough.

President Barack Obama, Mr. Hope and Change, spent unmanned aircraft to bomb Yemen and Pakistan. I guess if you kill small children it’s okay if you declare them collateral damage. And I guess if the President expands trillion dollar deficits, it’s okay, because the last guy (Bush) was also irresponsible. Barack Obama, the man who signed the national Defense Authorization Act which turns America into a battlefield.

A free society that now encourages the military to indefinitely detain people, even U.S. citizens, without a charge or a trial. But wait, Obama promises not to do that. Just like he promised to shut down Gitmo Bay. The constitutional professor who sign the renewal of the Patriot Act. The same law supported but Bush and McCain and Romney.

Yeah, the Mitt Romney who promised to protect gun rights, after which he promised to take them away. Yeah, that Mitt Romney. The so called “pro-life” Republican who claims to be “severely conservative.”
Even though used to be pro-choice and his policies are just as fiscally irresponsible as Obama‘s. Mitt Romney. A man who bleeds deception through his pores and that changes positions more than porn star in San Fernando Valley. Mitt Romney, a man who stands for absolutely nothing except when it’s politically convenient for him. This man, like Bush and Obama and McCain, is also a neo-con warmonger who is desperate to bomb Iran. But it’s a threat. Yes, Israel has hundreds of nuclear weapons, America has thousands, but Iran is going to threaten us with just one. Sure, that makes sense. Just like Mitt Romney’s economic plan to put this country further into debt.

Barack Obama vs. Mitt Romney

A choice between two pathological liars who don’t give a damn about any of us. They don’t serve me or you. They are all bought and paid for like most of the other Democrats and Republicans. They talk a different game, but when it counts, they support the illegal wars, unconstitutional bailouts, attacks on civil liberties and they take the bribes (oh, I’m sorry, campaign contributions)

When are you people going to get it? There is no choice. The elite corporatist criminals who run this country use primaries to weed out anyone who will challenge them. And they use the General election like a reality TV show to keep the masses distracted and entertained. They figure if you are invested in this illusion called an election, that you’ll be more likely to tolerate a system that is fundamentally corrupted.

They keep you entertained and divided. Republican vs. Democrat. Never mind the fact that the Democrats won elections in 2006 on an anti-war platform and then gave Bush his money for the war in Iraq. Never mind the fact that the once Republican President, George W. Bush lied about weapons of mass destruction and Democrats went along. It’s a scam. It’s a rigged game. Bet on red. Bet on blue. It doesn’t matter, because the house always wins.

I’m not going to tell you who to vote for, but I’m not going to let you say you’re voting for the lesser of two evils, because that is wrong and to do so would be a gross declaration of moral bankruptcy.

This November, there will be more than two names on that ballot. But if you’re voting for Mitt Romney or Obama, you will be voting for the same thing.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Gathering Information Before the SHTF!

By Reginald Kaigler (DEMCAD)

One of the most important things you can do is collect information and resources before an emergency situation. Suppose there was a severe crisis in which basic utilities failed. No matter where you are located, you would need to be able to locate important sites around you. Identify the location of every hospital, drug store, military surplus store, Walmart, sports good store, lake, creek, and military base in your area. I found a website that allows you to find a lot of these things ahead of time. It's simple, you type in your zip code and the site gives you a map of all of the hospitals, drug stores, military stores in your area.

It's called Map of the Dead

I highly recommend it. Simply print out your map and you can use this during a crisis.

A friend of mine mentioned drug stores during a SHTF (shit hits the fan) situation, stating that there will be a lot of drugs that people will not be able to identify. What was my response? I went online and found a list of antibiotics. Now, I have a hard copy of various antibiotics so I can identify them during an may also be a great idea to collect manuals and books of home repair.

I may not have all of the knowledge to survive a shtf situation, but at least I'll have the books.