Sunday, August 29, 2010

Economic or Societal Collapse!

By Reginald Kaigler

Societal Collapse is not just a failure of economics, it is a failure of all systems that hold a civilization together. Although, this is not the most likely scenario, it remains a very real possibility for America. I think a economic collapse is very likely to occur with 5 years in the United States. However, the scenario that I will describe is a total break down of the system. This includes the economic, political, social and moral systems of the society. Simply put, a societal break down is the total collapse of everything that most people depend on.

What could cause a societal collapse?

The United States has a debt monetary and economic system. It depends on foreigners giving Americans money, so that they can buy cheap junk that's made in China and prop up economic bubbles. We borrow money so that we can consume more than we produce. It's a fundamentally unsustainable system that is doomed to fail. Our monetary system consists on Americans working worker and worker to acquires a currency that is worth less and less every year. Essentially, the Federal Reserve system is a unconstitutional framework that allows private banks to control the money supply and in-debt the American workers.

The government borrows dollars from the Federal Reserve so it can spend more money than it collects from the taxpayers. This allows the government to over-expand itself in military conquests (e.g. there are over 700 U.S. military bases through the world and it is engaged in two unnecessary wars), entitlements (e.g. Social Security, medicare, medicaid, food stamps, welfare), physical size and power. The government's over-expansion has also allowed its citizens to over-expand in their lives. The Federal Reserve has directly contributed to this by creating artificially low interest rates and fueling the housing and credit bubble. This atmosphere of easy money made it easier for banks to engage in reckless lending practices, while encouraging citizens to buy homes that they could not afford.

The government's programs, also made it easier for people to produce children that they didn't have the means to feed. We have 40 million people on food stamps. That means that once the government is no longer function-able, we will have tens of millions of hunger people in a nation with over 200 million guns. This isn't an argument against gun ownership, because I am proud advocate of the 2nd Amendment. Nevertheless, when the checks and cards stop providing millions of people with support, we will have a lot of desperate people who have kids that they can not afford to feed. Some if the power grid fails (or people can't afford to heat their homes), there will be a lot of dangerous people with nothing to lose.

Many men in this country father many children by many different women. Do you think people are going to sit in their homes and watch their children starve? I highly doubt it. many of these people will first beg for food, then demand it and finally take it. Contrary to the self delusions of many narcissistic people, the human race isn't nearly as civilized as it pretends. When times get tough, people show their true colors. And if you read human history, you'll know that it isn't pretty.

What does a societal collapse look like?

The power grid fails, the price of gas skyrockets, the trucking industry locks up, the grocery stores don't get resupplied and food becomes scarce. These are the things you will see in an economic collapse. What makes a societal collapse different is how the people respond to the crises. If the country has an economic system that is highly localized, the people will adapt quickly. If most of the food is grown locally or within the region. The communities will find alternative transportation and adapt. If the nation has a lot of strong communities, people will ban together to provide security solutions after the local, state and federal government loses the ability to pay law enforcement. If the family structure is strong, the old and sick will be taken care of by family members. If the families are intact, the women will be protected by their husbands and brothers. If there's a strong culture of survivalism, the women will be able to protect themselves.

Simply put, a collapse can be a sinking ship. The titanic is a good example because it represented the end of a system. The response to the ship sinking will determine how severe the disaster will become. If the people are sensible, they will adapt and get organized. They will pack the life boats as soon as possible with people, regardless of sex. They will keep families together. Once the life boats are used up, they could create floating structures. However, if the response if irrational and foolish...well, you know what happens.

Leonardo DiCaprio dies and we're forced to hear Celine Dion's 'My Heart Will Go On' for
to 10 weeks.

So what happens after a collapse?

No more Justin Bieber. And it gets worse. Many people will be killed attempting to still from others, some will be killed because they had food and no means of protecting it. The chronically ill will die, because there will be no means of delivering medicine. law enforcement will be overwhelmed by the riots, escalating street crime and lack of resources. People will have to fend for themselves.

Unfortunately, we will have to do what we should have been doing in the first place. We will have to get to know our neighbors, depend on family, have meaningful discussions with the people closest to us, organize security details with neighbors, create rain barrels, collect anti-biotics, learn how to produce food, barter, acquire repairing skills and basically create an actually community. A real community. Not a "you can't paint your house pink, these are the zoning laws, don't worry about knowing your neighbors" community.

In the early 2000s, we had a choice. Economic depression or Economic collapse. We chose the latter by kicking the can down the road. Now, we have another choice. Economic collapse or societal collapse. The good thing about an economic collapse is that it gives us an opportunity to build a new economic system. So it comes down to our ability to respond to the problem.

In a nutshell, the world will not come to an end. This doesn't have to be a nightmare. If we prepare for the worse, we will be prepared to do our best.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

David Rosenberg declares Economic Depression!

It looks like Gerald Celente was right, again. He's been going on radio shows across the country claiming that be the time the clock strikes 2011, everyone will know that we are in a depression. A couple of weeks ago, motivational speaker and infomerical icon Tony Robbins (aka. Mr. Positive) released a two part video warning Americans that the economy could take a turn for the worse. He claims that he has connections with some very successful people in finance who are warning him that things could get worse. You know it's bad when Mr. Positive is warning you about the economy.

And of course, liberal economists Paul Krugman finally admitted that the economy is entering a depression. Krugman is till convinced that Obama's stimulus package wasn't big enough. That's like saying you didn't pour enough gasoline on the burning house. Pure foolish.

Now, David Rosenberg, Chief Economist at Gluskin Sheff & Associates sounding the alarm on CNBC. In a nutshell, Rosenberg points out the fact that the government attempts to rescue the housing market have failed, mortgage rates aren't helping, the stimulus has failed and we're not in a recession. This is a depression.

And that was on CNBC.

So after the mainstream media trashed Celente for calling this a depression, they've finally come around to admitting that this is a depression. in Rosenberg's defense, he was never among the 'recovery' crowd.

You can watch all of these videos right here on my blog. Enjoy!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

James Wesley Rawles on Watchmen Radio

Special announcement: Tomorrow, I will be joining DOC (SACRAMANIACSmc) for an interview with James Wesley Rawles (blogger of Survival blog on the Watchmen Radio Network at 8pm ET. James is a former Army intelligence officer who educates people about preparing for survival situations. He has published a wealth of articles on food storage, hunting, guns, defense, travel and just about every aspect of survival. He is also the author of "Patriots: A Novel of Survival in the Coming Collapse."

Here are the links.

The Watchmen

Survival blog


Saturday, August 21, 2010

Bankruptcies Soar!

By Reginald Kaigler

Okay, I some good news and a whole lot of bad news. Which would you like to know first? Let's start with the good news. Payrolls increased in 37 states lead week. My home state of Michigan added over 20,000 factory jobs and 7,000 other jobs. The bad news? Not only is the overall employment situation is worsening with 500,000 people applying for first-time unemployment last week, but bankruptcies are soaring. Between April and June, the U.S. had an additional 422,000 bankruptcy filings. That's an 11% increase over the levels during the same time period last year. While the stock struggles to stay afloat, a record number of Americans are dipping into their 401k because of financial hardship.

These are the real stories that the mainstream news media should be addressing, but they are too busy bickering out a mosque being built near ground zero. A week after BP claimed that most of the oil in the Gulf was cleaned up, scientists have discovered a 22 mile hydrocarbon plume drifting 3,000 feet under the surface. See, the crisis is not over. The mainstream media is actively distracting the American people from the truth. Foxnews, MSNBC and CNN are using a non-issue to culturally divide the American people with the hope that they will not notice what really matters.

Weekly Jobless Claims Post Surprise Jump, Hit 500,000

Payrolls Increase in 37 U.S. States, Led by Michigan

Fidelity sees record number raid their 401(k)s

Researchers say they saw 22-mile hydrocarbon plume in Gulf

96 million people in the United States who have no spouse.

Civilians to Take U.S. Lead as Military Leaves Iraq

Hundreds of millions in Katrina funds remain unspent

Nearly 50 percent leave Obama mortgage-aid program

Thursday, August 19, 2010

MEDIA TARGET: The Unemployed

By Reginald Kaigler.

Last week (ending August 14), more than 500,000 people file for unemployment benefits for the first time. And to pour salt on the wound, Fox News' Glenn Beck goes on air and dumps on the 99ers (people who have been on unemployment for 99 weeks).

Glenn declares,

"Don't spend your remaining money on travel to get to a protest,"

By the way, this is real reason why he's on air. He's trying to quiet the angry mob. He doesn't want you to protest.

"Go out and get a job. You may not want the job. Work at McDonald's. Work two jobs. There has been plenty of times in my life I've done jobs I hated, but I had no choice. Two years is plenty of time to have lived off your neighbor's wallet."

NEWSFLASH: Asshole, you can't survive off of 7 bucks an hour. People have kids. Even people will crappy jobs are refusing to quit.

His vitriolic rant shows just how ignorant these government puppets in the media really are. Now, I know that unemployment benefits must end, but let's be honest, if it weren't for these people paying income taxes, property taxes, fines, fess, registration fees and much more, this federal government wouldn't have a enough cash to live in a cardbox.

Who the hell paid for those unnecessary wars in Iraq and Afghanistan?! Who paid taxes for decades so that the low-lifes in Washington could bail the Wall Street crooks out after they screwed the economy?! Who's been feeding the reckless Federal Reserve money for decades?!

Isn't it amazing how these cowards beat up on the people, but never stand up to the real threat. Oh well, it doesn't matter. It's time for Obama to go on another vacation. Enjoy Martha Vineyard!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

How the U.S. Dollar Dies!

Quick update for inflation watchers. The Associated Press is now reporting that China is continuing its dumping of U.S. treasuries. In June, China reduced it's holdings of U.S. treasuries by 2.7%. China sold $24 billion worth to lower their reserves to $843.7 billion. So what does this mean? China is buying Euros and losing faith in the U.S. dollar. They don't believe that it can maintain its value. Does this mean that the U.S. dollar will collapse soon? Not necessarily, because as long as you need U.S. dollars to buy oil, the dollar will have a place as a reserve currencies. I think the real death of the dollar will come from the oil producing countries.

Here's a scenario.

1. Iran prepares to fuel its nuclear reactor.
2. Israel destroys the reactor.
3. Iran launches counterattack against Israel.
4. Israel responds with a large scale bombing attack.
5. Middle East turns against Saudi Arabia for allowing Israel to use its airspace.
6. Several OPEC nations back Iran.
7. U.S. is forced to defend Israel and Saudi Arabia.
8. Many OPEC nations refuse to sell oil in dollars.
9. There's a world shortage of oil.
10. The U.S. Dollar loses its value. Oil prices skyrocket. China and Japan accelerates their dumping of the dollar.
11. The U.S. trucking industry collapses.
12. Food prices rise in the U.S.
13. World War 3 and/or total economic collapse.

Now, I'm not saying that this will happen, but this is how the U.S. dollar could die. You tell me what you think.

The China reduces holdings of Treasury debt in June

Monday, August 16, 2010

Media Distractions Escalate as Depression Intensifies

Media talking heads won't shut up about the mosque that's being built near ground zero in New York City. Should the Muslims be building a mosque near the location of the September 11th attacks in New York? Frankly, I don't care. I'm more concerned about rising unemployment, foreclosures rising and the inevitable slowdown this fall. Last month, the number of homes being repossessed increased by 9%.

I think Muslims have a right to build a mosque anywhere they want. I would be more offended if they build a federal building near ground zero, but that's a different blog.

What's important is the loss of jobs. The contraction of small businesses means that the local and state tax revenue will dry up, causing more cut backs. The decrease in small businesses means that many hope of a recovery is as dead as Danny Trejo in "From Dusk Till Dawn."

The media can play all the games they want. The writing is on the wall. The economy is toasted.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Reginald Kaigler Answers Political Questions

In my last blog, I addressed some common questions asked of me. I decided to continue the Q&A by focusing on politics.

Are you a Republican or a Democrat?

I no longer have any confidence in either political party. Culturally, the parties differ, but on the economic, foreign policy and civil liberty issues, they same pretty much the same.

Why do you hate Obama?

I don't hate Obama. He's a puppet for the corporate International elite. His foreign policy and economic strategies are very similar to those of George W. Bush.

How do you feel about Bush?

He lied and misled the American people into two unnecessary wars, created record deficits, signed the unconstitutional Patriot Act and helped destroy our economy.

Who did you vote for in 2000, 2004 and 2008?

Unfortunately, I voted for John McCain in 2008, but I doubt he would have been much better than Obama. I only voted for McCain, because he had more practical experience and would have had a more limited ability to harm the economy. But I think he would have been a disaster, too. Maybe less of a disaster than Obama in terms of the economy, but more of one in terms of foreign policy. Who knows?

I didn't even vote in 2000 and 2004. I voted for Independents, Republicans, Democrats, American Taxpayer Party and Libertarian candidates in 2006 and 2008. This year, I may not vote at all. I've given up on Democrats and Republicans.

Do you support Ron Paul?

Well, I certainly agree with Ron Paul on 95% of the issues, but I have my reservations about his ties to some questionable organizations. Nevertheless, I support his message of fiscal responsibility and auditing the Federal Reserve.

Do you get into a lot of trouble criticizing Obama in your hometown of Flint, MI?

Not really, I doubt that most black people in my town would even consider watching a libertarian youtube channel.

Why do so many black people support Obama?

He's a democrat and he's black. Most blacks are economically liberal in a sense that they believe that government can solve most of societies social problems. So virtually all blacks consistently support Democrats and since Obama has dark skin, voting and supporting him appeals to people's ego. I could ask why do so many Southern whites support Republicans.

Whether you are white or black or whatever, most people support Republicans and Democrats for irrational reasons. Because when it comes to the most important issues, both parties are pro-big government, fiscally irresponsible, anti-civil liberties and chicken hawks on foreign policy.

Here's a question, why do so many white people who supported Bush oppose Obama when their economic and foreign policies were so similar?

How do you feel about abortion?

I'm not one of those crazies who yell "Baby killer!" But I think human rights begin at conception. Replacing the world 'baby' with 'fetus' doesn't change the fact that it is a human being. Should a woman have the right to choice? Not if it's at the cost of another person's life. Some people ask me what should happen if a woman is raped. 'Should she have to look at the face of her rapist?' Well, I can't image going through such a nightmare, but ending the baby's life isn't going to change what happened. The best option maybe to give the child up for adoption.

Are you gay?

I'm a straight man who strongly supports gay rights.

Why are you so critical of women?

I'm critical of the institution of marriage and how it is used to punish men. I've done many videos on this. I don't attack women, I attack the system.

Why did you leave Alaska?

I didn't want my family to have to deal with the collapse on their own. Plus, I couldn't fight a job that paid enough to justify staying in Alaska.

Do you miss Alaska?

My time in Alaska was the best time of my life. Alaska is amazing.

Emergency Preparation Questions

It's been two years since I posted my first video on youtube addressing this economic crisis. I have produced over 600 videos on the economic, social and political environment of this nation. I have spoken about the political corruption of the corporate-owned GOP and DNC. I addressed the criminal Wall Street enterprise that taking over Washington. You can find hundreds of my news video on my site. I've also created numerous videos about preparing for a possible economic collapse. I have warned people to store food and water and find some form of protecting themselves. My message has been relayed through videos on youtube, Internet radio shows and written blogs.

In this blog, I will issue this warning yet again, in hopes that I will reach one more person. In the video above, you will find my latest video on my preparations for an emergency. In the video, I discuss constructing a survival (bug out) bag and storing basic items such as food and water. Over the years, people have asked me a hand full of question over and over again. So I'm going to answer them right here.

Why do I need a bug out bag?

My bag is for survival. I may not this bag in a situation that requires me to leave my home very quickly, but in all likelihood, I'll use the items in my bag to hunker down in my home during an emergency. Placing items such as matches, lighters, knives, toilet paper, food and multi-tools in a backpack will make emergency travel easier and safer.

When should I bug out?

I'm not a expert and even if I were, the answer would be complicated. It really depends on your situation. Generally, you don't bug out (leave your home with your bag) unless the situation is so extremely dangerous that staying would almost certainly lead to death. Bugging out is a very danger option. Most of the time, you're better off staying in a secure location. I would also add that you shouldn't bug out unless you have a safe location to go. You don;t want to wonder out in the woods.

How do I prepare if I don't have much money?

Virtually every person reading this blog has more money than I do. What little wealth I have is in silver bullion, food storage and tools. I have set away food every month for my storage. I have rice in buckets, fruits and vegetables in cans, oatmeal and much more. If you buy an extra few cans every time you go to the grocery store, you'll be a step closer to getter security. Even if you have to store water in containers or two liter bottles.

Which items should I include in a survival bag?

Means of producing fire. (matches, lighters, magnesium fire starter, etc)
Reliable knife
Food (dry foods that are easy to prepare)
Cup (something you can cook food in)
Toilet paper
Survival book
Map (with directions to the destination)

You may also want to include a tent and sleeping bag. Please don't buy a cheap sleeping bag. I've camped in Alaska and I can tell you that you definitely want a solid sleeping bag.

What are you preparing for?

Well, I'm not preparing for the end of the world. I'm not preparing for the apocalypse. I'm preparing for any natural or man-made disaster. I'm making basic preparation for a situation where basic utilities are not available and the federal government is unable to provide basic services.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Gerald Celente Sets the Record Straight about War with Iran!

I've listen to Gerald Celente talk about the economy and the Greatest Depression for the last two years. And although he repeats himself a lot, I never get tired of hearing his perspective on current events. This year, he has warned us about the economy sinking into what he calls "The Greatest Depression" and the beginning of the next "Great War."

Now, even though I almost always agree with Mr. Celente, his recent appearance on The Tommy Schnurmacher Show is nothing short of classic. Some idiot calls into the show to challenge Celente's stance on a potential U.S. war with Iran and Gerald wore him a new asshole.

The guy was trying to argue that we should go to war, because war is sometimes necessary and we had to stop Hitler.

As if Hitler has anything to do with 21st century Iran.

Gerald sets him straight.

"Everybody that wants to go to war and approves war, send your money, send your kids and send yourself or shut your mouth!"

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

HARD TRUTH: Why Peter Schiff Lost His Senate Race

We all knew this day would come. Peter Schiff's bid for the U.S. Senate came to an end last night. Former WWE executive Linda McMahon beat the truth-telling investor in the Republican primary for U.S. Senate in the State of Connecticut. Schiff had become an Internet sensation after his economic predictions came to fruition in 2008. A youtube video called "Peter Schiff was right" spread across the Internet and the rest is history. Schiff correctly predicted in the years leading up to the 2008 collapse that debt was going to sink the U.S. economy. Since then, he has rocked the boat by criticizing the federal government's ever expanding size and debt.

So why did Peter Schiff lose?

I'm sure that some people will say that he was too aggressive in addressing certain economic issues such as entitlement spending. Others will argue that GOP voters thought he was too extreme. But the hard truth is that Peter Schiff lost because he spoke the truth.

The truth is the most offensive thing in American society. Nothing will repeal attractive females, voters, employers or anything else in America faster than the truth. Americans don't like to hear the truth. Ron Paul's 2008 presidential race is proof that no matter how much Americans claim they don;t like war, we never want to heard that our empire-building foreign policy is a disaster.

Ross Perot is another good example. Sure, he was weird, but in a land of deceit and corruption, any honest man would appear to be odd. Ralph Nader was blamed by liberals for Al Gore's defeat in Florida. Nevermind, the criminal behavior by a hand full of corrupt Republican officials. It was Nader's fault. Nader was ignored for the same reason that Paul was ignored, they were portrayed as wacky. Why?

Because they were telling the truth about American foreign policy and the American people didn't want to hear it. Schiff views Social Security as a ponzi scheme. Fifty and Sixty year olds who have paid into Social Security for decades with the expectation of its safety when they retire do not want to hear about it being a ponzi scheme.

Let's check.

1. Government promises retirement money through a program.
2. People pay into it through taxes.
3. Government lies and spends the money on war and other programs.
4. Government uses money from new customers to pa for the retirement of others.
5. Massive amount of early generation customers coming to collect the money.
6. There's not enough money for everyone.

Hmm, me thinks this is a ponzi.

Or should I say....Madoff.

Social Security in the red this year

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Is Obama Still Relevant?

Russia is in big trouble. So far its droughts have led to costly wildfires. The bear has lost 15 billion dollars and battled to protect its main nuclear research center. Meanwhile, at least 700 people have lost their lives in the flooding in China. The number is likely to grow, given the fact that 2100 people are missing.

The news in America wasn't any better. We learned that productivity was down 0.9% in the second quarter.This comes a week after the labor Department reported that the U.S. economy had another net loss in jobs. Simply put, the so called "Summer of Recovery" is canceled. After almost two years of broken economic promises, President Obama's stimulus package has failed.

The more Obama appears on talk shows, the more he looks like a washed up reality TV star. He parades into Dallas like the King of England, his wife turns a vacation into an extended episode of "The Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous" (expect it's on the taxpayers' dime) and he continually lies about the success of his special interest love letter known as the stimulus package. As of August 10th, 2010, President Obama is underwater in his approval ratings. Realclearpolitics averages the major polls (Gallup, Rasmussen, etc) and it doesn't look good.

Obama's Ratings



The writing is on the wall. This president is losing relevance. Just as George W. bush was losing relevance before September 11th, 2001.

Is Obama Still Relevant? Not really. I still think that he can turn it around, but I highly doubt it. The real question is, what will the elite power do to restore the relevance of their puppet?

Ahead of the Bell: Productivity seen slower in 2Q

Mudslides deepen China's flood woes

Report: Wildfires, Drought Cost Russia $15 Billion

Monday, August 9, 2010

Gulf Oil whistle blower Matt Simmons found dead

Oil Industry whistle blower Matt Simmons was found dead today. For those of you who have been following the Gulf Oil spill closesly through alternative news sources, you know Simmons as an staunch opponent of BP's handling of the oil crisis. Matt Simmons became an advert supporter of the Peak Oil theory after decades of handling investments for the oil industry. His claims that BP and the government were engaged in a conspiracy sent shock waves throughout the world.

You can click on the mp3 link below and listen to his disturbing warning about the Gulf of Mexico. Right now, I'm stunned by his death. But given his claims about the government and BP, I really shouldn't be.

Rest in Peace, Matt Simmons.

Thank you for speaking out.

MATT SIMMONS: The Gulf has been Destroyed!

Okay, so while 14 million Americans struggle to find work, Obama plays basketball with NBA stars and his family goes on world wind dream trip to Spain on the taxpayer's dime. Is this a surprise? No. Is it fair? No. Is this the biggest story? No.

The biggest story is the story you won't hear.

MATT SIMMONS: The Gulf has been Destroyed!

Matt Simmons is still warning people about the Gulf of Mexico. It's August 10th, 2010 and if you've been watching the mainstream news, you may have thought that this crisis is over. But according to founder and chairman emeritus of Simmons & Company International, Matt Simmons, it's only just begun. He went on King World radio to explain that BP lied about the incident beginning with a rig fire. Simmons also places the blame squarely on BP, despite their early attempt to blame TransOcean. After the rig sink, they were no longer able to blame the fire on the rig, so BP claimed that it was a blowout fire. Basically, Simmons claims that BP had cut so many corners in their drilling mission that it would have gone to jail if they were honest.

What about the live feed? According to Matt Simmons, it's not even the main exposure site. There's a bigger leak elsewhere.

If you missed this July 17th interview, I highly recommend you listen to it.

After you hear what he has to say, tell me what you think about.

Friday, August 6, 2010

I see Gloom, Doom and Boom!

Article by Reginald Kaigler

There is no wizard. No one can predict the market. I certainly can't. For 2009, I predicted GDP would drop over 6%, the market would crash to 5,000 and unemployment would surpass 8%. I was wrong about everything except unemployment. I didn't calculate how government spending would push the GDP up. I didn't count on the government stimulus and bailouts propping up the financial collapses (e.g. AIG and Bank of America). In the year 2009, I learned that I was capable of many times, but predicting the stock market was not one of them.

As we move into the second half of 2010, I will focus on the things that have served me well so far: the fundamentals. We now have a record 40.8 million people on food stamps. That number is projected to surpass 43 million in 2011. The official unemployment rate is hovering around 9.5%, but when you include discouraged workers and part-time workers who need full-time work, the percentage of unemployment hovers around 16.5%. For the first time in history, Social Security is costing the government more in expenditures than it's tax revenue.

We have millions of college graduates who are unemployed and living with their parents, the largest demographic block (the baby boomers) are not longer spending on big debt items and the overall economic forces are pointing in the same direction: DOWN.

I am not an economist. I am not an investment adviser. I am not trying to sell you a get-rich-quick-scheme. I am just a regular guy who is looking at the writing on the wall. I'm looking at a shrinking middle class, record deficits, incompetent political leadership, two unnecessary occupations in the middle east, a financial system with trillions of dollars of debt and an inevitable economic collapse. What does this mean? The average American will become improvised as America's social, political and economic systems crumble. It also means that this will be a period of great prosperity for those who see the opportunities. Many people will gain fortunate from this economic nightmare. It will be a new season for all of us.

I think we'll have a deep depression that begins with a deflationary period and becomes inflationary. Just a guess. I could be wrong. But I think this depression will last for at a decade. This economic downturn will not be the end of the world. It will simply pave a way for us to create a new paradigm. I see a technological revolution in medicine and transportation that could change life on this planet as we know it. I still don't think that we've come close to reaching the full potential of the Internet, maglev trains, nano technology and alternative energies. There will be gloom and doom, but someday there will also be another boom. Good times will come, but first we must endure the coming winter.

Anyway, that's what I see.

What do you see?

Middle Class Shrinking

Jobs Picture Worsens With 131,000 Losses; 9.5% Rate

New claims for jobless benefits rise to 479K

Food stamp use hit record 40.8m in May

Social Security in the red this year

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Methane Bubble Under Gulf of Mexico?

Watch the video above and tell me what is going on? We've all heard rumors and theories about methane bubbles being trapped over the ocean floor, so when I saw this video, I was amazed to watch the ocean floor rise and drop within seconds. Someone caught a live feed showing a mechanical arm trying to pump something into or suck something out of the ocean floor, when the seafloor unexpectedly rose and collapsed. Youtuber PropheticSeer released a video of the entire incident. Was the arm trying to receive pressure? Is this a normal occurrence? Or is this a sign that something truly awful is about to happen?

I don't know, but it doesn't look good.

Is there a methane bubble under the Gulf of Mexico and is there a risk of an explosion or tidal wave threatening Gulf communities?

Is this video a fake? I have some questions about the video, If the floor was really raising, why didn't the camera rise with it?

Here's another video worth checking out.