Thursday, October 18, 2012

Anti-Gun Laws Could Get People Killed During COLLAPSE

 By Reginald Kaigler (DEMCAD)

There's foolishness and then there's Illinois. Remember Chris Rock's comedy piece about fighting crime by making people pay an insane amount for bullets? If not, Cook County Board President Toni Preckwinklemay seems to have taken the idea and run with it. Preckwinkle is proposing a new set of taxes on firearms and bullets. The proposal calls for a nickel per round tax and an additional $25 tax for each firearm. Preckwinkleis convinced that this will lower crime and raise more tax revenue. After all, we all know criminals don't steal ammo. What's fascinating about this idea is that we know that it will not work. Chicago has some of the most extreme anti-laws in the country. Law abidding citizens are not allowed to carry firearms, yet the city has had 409 homicides this year alone. Granted, it's not as bad as the early 90s, but most of the crime is coming from gangs, not the average Joe at a shooting range.

Official proposes bullet tax to curb Chicago crime

But this anti-gun foolishness has sparked a rather gloomy thought in my mind about how these people will fair if law and order breaks down. What would happen to these anti-gun proponents in a full-scale collapse scenario? I'm not survivialist, but I think it's safe to say that by not preparing for a situation that requires self defense is setting oneself up for failure. Let me be frank, criminals don't care if you're anti-gun. If society breaks apart, people will become desperate and dangerous. A Glock 17 or a Sig Sauer maybe the only thing that prevents a single mother from getting raped or a married man from being stabbed to death by home invaders. I don't care if you like guns. I don't cars or cellphones, but I need a cellphone and car for my job. When it comes to guns, people will have to do what it takes to survive.

These anti-gun laws are setting people up for failure. It's conditioning people to not protect themselves and that is simply irresponsible. Why make it harder for law abiding citizens to protect themselves? I strongly recommend everyone buy a gun legally, learn how to use it, store it safely and legally carry it everywhere you can. If you're a single woman living by yourself, you maybe targeted by a predator. If you're a cute college girl living on a GUN FREE ZONE campus, remember you'll be a very attractive target for a predator.  After all, you're not supposed to have a gun. If you're living in a upper middle class neighborhood 20 miles outside of a city, the desperate city-dwellers people may target you before they focus on their broke ass neighbors.

People tell me all of the time to get out of the city, but what they don't realize is that most of the desperate people in the city will be looking for suburbanites with resources.

After all, many people will assume that a family with three late model cars will have food. The funny thing is that if society collapsed tomorrow and the lights went out, there would be millions of upper middle class citizens with 50 inch TVs, 60,000 dollar cars, 300,000 dollar houses and less than a week of non-perishable food.

No matter how you feel about guns, if you're serious about helping your family survive, you can't ignore the need for a gun. Don't like the TV shows like "The Walking Dead" convince you that if there's a social breakdown, you will be able to pick up a firearm and shot with the marksmanship of a Navy Seal. If you get a gun, make you know how to use it. You don't want your first shots to happen during a crisis. And forcing law abiding citizens to take on an additional tax burden may put good people in a bad situation. 


Monday, October 15, 2012

Five Things Single Mothers Can DO Before SHTF

By Reginald Kaigler (DEMCAD)

As most of us know, there is no shortage of gun talk in the prepper community. After all, one of the best important emergency preparations is self defense. But when if you are not apart of a specialized prepper group with years of food supple and a mountain of guns. When if you're just a regular Joe or Jane? When if you're a single woman or a single mother living by herself? How should a single mother approach prepping?

Obviously, I am not a single mother so my perspective is limited. However, I was raised by a single mother so I think I can make some observations. Because most single moms are working on a more limited budget, they will forced to be extremely economical. This means that they must identify the best deals on large quantity of food for their children, but they must also find a way to secure their homes if there are riots. I am not an expect in home defense or guns, but I have learned a thing or two after prepping for 3 years. Here are 5 things I think every single mom should do right now.

1. Secure Your Doors (and Windows)
Start by buying good locks for your doors, putting locks on the windows and removing hiding spots around your house such as enormous bushes. Buy a 2 x 4 wood piece that is 4 to 5 five long, two high quality metal brackets and screws. Put the brackets on each side of the door and place the wood in the brackets to make the door harder to kick in. The idea to give yourself more time to respond to a home invasion during SHTF (shit hits the fan.) You can put these items aside and use them if things get too bad. View my video below for more details.

2. Acquire a Firearm (Legally) and Carry It
Research the local laws and see if you can legally own a semi-auto handgun. Most states offer a CCW (Concealed Carry Weapon) permit so you can carry it at all times (except in gun free zones.) The process usually involves taking a 4 hour NRA gun course (100 to 150 dollars) + 100 rounds of ammo), bringing the certificate to the county (or state) office, paying 100 to 120 buys for the paper work, getting your fingerprints recorded and receiving the permit 5 to 8 weeks later. Felons are obviously unqualified.

Using a firearm correctly can save your life. But don't just get a gun, learn how to use it and practice as much as you can. At least once a month. You may want to take additional classes. You may also consider getting a safe and teaching your children about the importance of gun safety.

3. Connect With Other Single Mothers
Look for other single mothers in your neighbor and start talking about the things that matter to you. Get coordinated with family members. It may not be a bad idea to live near your brother. That isn't always possible. It may help to have your brother do some yard work, just to show the neighbors that you are not alone. You may not know it but predators notice when a woman is "doing it all by herself." When the SHTF, he may decide to take advantage of the situation if he thinks that men won't be around. Think of it as a show of force.

4. Get A Dog
Not a cat, because although I love cats, if a rapist enters you house, a cat will not help you. A cat will not attack the man or even warn you. A lab can be a great family dog, loving to the kids, warn and help protect you. If you are allergic, you can find non-allergic breeds.

5. Find A Natural Healer
There may not be access to hospitals during a SHTF situation, so knowing a natural healer may help your children if they get sick.


Sunday, October 7, 2012

Police Warn "Enter Detroit At Your Own Risk!"

By Reginald Kaigler (DEMCAD)

“Enter At Your Own Risk” is what the Detroit Police union is telling visitors about the city of Detroit. The Detroit Police Officer Association (DPOA) held a political rally warning Michiganders that the city is becoming more dangerous. The union warned that the department is "grossly understaffed", while the homicide rate continues to soar. Detroit Police Officer Association (DPOA) Attorney Donato Ioriotold the press that the police force is shrinking as more officers exit the city.

Enter At Your Own Risk: Police Union Says ‘War-Like’ Detroit Is Unsafe For Visitors

Frankly, I don't blame them. Many cops simply can't afford to work in Detroit. They pay is dropping, but the cost of living is raising.

I live 60 miles north of Detroit in a city that shares more than a few similarities with Motown. Like Detroit, my home town (Flint, Michigan) is a decaying industrial city littered with abandoned buildings, burnt out homes and a struggling economy. Both Flint and Detroit have extremely high crime rates. They are consistently ranked as the most violent cities in the country every year. In 2011, Flint was ranked the most dangerous city in America, even beating Detroit. Flint had the second-highest murder rate and the highest rates of aggravated assault, burglary and arson in the country.

Most Dangerous Cities In America Based On Analysis Of FBI Statistics>

The state police added detectives to help Flint police officers, but the problem seems to be bigger that staffing. It's bigger than manpower. I travel to Detroit quite often to visit family members. I've brought family members to Belle Isle, Greektown, The Detroit Zoo (in Royal Oak), The Detroit Institute of Arts. I've even toured the neighbors where I grew up (in Detroit) and other locales. So unlike most commentators bashing Detroit, I've been inside the city.

I've seen the good that the city has to offer. But when it comes to crime, I think Detroit is experiencing a social and moral breakdown. The government is corrupt to the core, the tax base can't support a decent education system, too many drug addicted zombies are willing to kill for almost nothing, too many young people have embraced a thug culture of degeneracy, criminals have become emboldened the citizens' fear and too many incompetent people are having too many children and not installing good values in the youth.

I have family in the Detroit suburbs and in the city who are afraid to enter many parts of the city. And some family members' fear of being out at night resembles Robert Neville fright in the 1971 classic film "The Omega Man."

So how can I respond to this threat? Should I avoid the city at all cost. I don't blame you if you decide to never visit. But I will walk a different path. I have family in Detroit and I already live in a dangerous city. My plan is to continue enjoying the jazz festivals that Detroit has to offer. I'm going to visit the Detroit Opera House and visit Mexicantown. I'll walk through Downtown Detroit the same way I walk through Flint: armed with my Glock 21 (45 ACP). I have a Concealed Pistol License and am I want to live as peacefully as I can. But I refuse to be a prisoner in my home. 

I refuse to let the bad guys keep me away from Detroit. I will walk through Detroit with a great sense of awareness and learn to survive. Because as the United States declines economically and politically, millions will be too desperate, too drugged out or too spiritually drained to care about morality. 

Whether you know it or not, Detroit is coming to a town near you. 

The Other Side of Detroit: GREEKTOWN

The Other Side of DETROIT: The Detroit Institute of Arts

The Other Side of DETROIT: The Detroit Zoo (Royal Oak, MI)