Saturday, July 31, 2010

Democrat Stands His Ground!

Whether you agree with him or not, you have to respect Anthony Weiner passion. Democratic New York Representative Anthony Weiner stood on the floor of the House and slammed Republicans for using procedure to block a bill that would provide health care to 9/11 responders. Weiner called the GOP loyalists "cowards" for refusing to vote yea or nay on adding a humanitarian amendment to the Public Health Services Act that would expand and improve health care benefits for 9/11 first responders. Many of these responders have become sick, because of the toxic substances they were exposed to on September 11th.

Frankly, I think he has every reason to be angry. The bill was not passed, but it's nice to see a politicians with so balls.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Urban Decay and Regrowth - Flint, Michigan

Part 1

Flint, Michigan is the future. You can ignore it all you want. You can pretend as though it doesn't exist. But the decaying urban body of Flint is a sign of things to come. Since it's peak, the population has collapsed, tens of thousands of automotive jobs have disappeared, crime has dramatically escalated, the services have been cut and the only thing stopping Flint from turning into Mad Max is money from the federal and state governments. This this video series, I talk about the decline of Flint, MI.

Part 2

Part 3

Saturday, July 24, 2010

The BP/Wall Street/Federal Conspiracy?

More corexit, please! No, it's nothing like the ovaltine chocolate milk drink, it's a toxic substance is being used to help break the oil in Gulf of Mexico. Hugh Kaufman, a senior policy analyst at the EPA’s Office of Solid Waste and Emergency Response, is warning the public of the dangers of using corexit. He claims that some of the workers are now “hemorrhaging Internally.” In a nut shell, BP is saving the money but using corexit. If BP can hide the amount of oil that has leaked into the ocean, it will pay less in fines. And now it's friends in Washington are helping them cover it up.

Here are the facts. One of the biggest owners of BP is BlackRock Inc. In fact, Black Rock owns 7.1% of BP.

Who's the CEO of BlackRock?

Larry Fink!

He has a lot of relationships with a lot of interesting people including Tim Geithner. One of Fink's friend is John Mack, the chairman of Morgan Stanley (the company that took $10 billion of tarp funds). It gets better. In April 2008, Tim Geithner awarded BlackRock Inc. with a $71.3 million non bid contract to manage billions of dollars for the New York Federal Reserve deal with Bear Stearns and JP Morgan Chase. And BlackRock has received more no bid contacts since 2008. But of course, Tim Geithner is no longer at the New York Federal Reserve. He's the Treasury secretary. As Hugh said in an interview for Democracy Now! "Follow the money!"

Guess who's the number one owner of BP.

JP Morgan Chase Bank with holding 27.74% of the total ordinary issued share capital. Read it for yourself. JP Morgan Chase is one of the so called "too-big-too-fail" holy banks received billions of dollars of taxpayers money. Gee, if I didn't know better, I would say that Wall Street is influencing Washington. A merger of state and corporate power?

A corrupt government working side by side with a private company to cover up something terrible in the Gulf of Mexico for the financial benefit of the company. If this isn't fascism, then what is fascism? Mussolini said it best...

"Fascism should rightly be called Corporatism, as it is the merger of corporate and government power."

I think fascism is a political ideology that incorporates corporatism, totalitarianism, extreme nationalism and a target group. No matter how you define fascism, it seems that we are on the fast track to it.

Question: Do you believe that there could be a conspiracy between Washington and Wall Street insiders?

JP Morgan Chase Bank owns more than 27% of BP

Black Rock owns 7.1% of BP

Tim Geithner and Larry Fink

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Gulf Oil Cover Up! Mass Evacuations?! Matt Simmons' Claims

Matt Simmons, Founder and Chairman of The Ocean Energy Institute, went on air and didn't hold back. He pointed out that it wasn't the well we should be worried about, it's the hole created by the drill that matters. It's at least one mile into the ocean floor. The pressure test is reading the gas pressure that was trapped in the well.

Simmons says that the initial fire was not a rig fire, because the amount of oil needed to justify the scale of fire was too big to be a rig fire.

"...the Gulf of Mexico was on fire. Why are they saying this? For two days, they kept saying that it was a rig fire and when it sunk, they could not longer say it was a rig fire, so they said it was a riser leak."

Why would they say such a thing?

Matt Simmons sums it up. "Because if they said the truth, they would all go to jail."

Let's look at the facts,

1. BP knew that it had a problem with one of the safety devices on the well.
2. BP chief Tony Hayward sold shares weeks before oil spill
3. After the explosion, the Coast Guard and BP official have been working together to enforce a media blackout.
4. BP lied about the amount of oil leaking into the Gulf.
BP Manager Robert Kaluza pledged the 5th when summoned to testify.
5. BP Manager Donald Vidrine claimed that he was sick.
6. The third day of testimony was canceled.

Something stinks!

Simmons claims that BP has essentially destroyed the Gulf of Mexico and that if there is a hurricane, we'll have to evacuate millions of people from the Gulf area. I hope he's wrong, because if he isn't, you can kiss what is left of the economy goodbye.

If this is true, would you open your door to a stranger?

BP testimony: Officials knew of key safety problem on rig

BP chief Tony Hayward sold shares weeks before oil spill"

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

I think Matt Simmons is Right?

I've been following this oil spill situation for months, taking information from various experts (such as Matt Simmons), the mainstream media, the alternative media, the government and BP. So here's how I see the situation in the Gulf of Mexico. The government's severe media blackout and BP disturbing record of deception can not be isolated phenomenon. I believe that the government and BP are using the Coast Guard and various bullying tactics to something up. It's the only explanation that makes sense.

The oil site(s) is compromised. Either the oil well itself is compromised or the drill has created an opening in the earth that is leaking oil and other substances. When Matt Simmons said that there must a secondary location, I think he was right. I think they're burning oil at the unofficial oil leak site. This could an area where the seafloor is erupting with oil.

At this point, the media black out has forced me to speculate on the situation, so I can only speak as a man with an opinion, but the facts of the case indicated that there is something to hide.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Seep Could Spell Trouble for Gulf!

So it looks like BP has detected leakage near the oil spill site just three days after they supposedly plugged the hole. This means that the oil well itself maybe dysfunctional. It's very possible that Matt Simmons was right and that the wall of the well has been compromised. Simmons argued that the oil spill site was too small to explain the large amount of oil leaking into the Gulf of Mexico. Simmons is the founder and chairman emeritus of Simmons & Company International. He's also an advocate of the Peak Oil theory. Whether you believe in Peak Oil or not, the facts about this well are hard to ignore. The pressure is the well is not as high as it should be and there is something wrong with the well. It the oil well is damaged, BP's options could be very limited. The problem with a damaged well is that once you have a crack at those extreme depths, the pressure will expand the crack and make the leak worse by the day.

Read more about it...

Thursday, July 15, 2010

If I Were President...

Over the last two years, I have complained about the incompetence of Bush and Obama in a very public forum, so now I will lay the ground work for what I believe is the solution to some of our nation's problems. I will explain what I, Reginald Kaigler, would do if I were President of the United States at this very moment.

1. Wave the Jones Act
Wave the restrictions and allow foreign ships to help BP clean up the oil spill.

2. Stop all bailouts and stimulus.
Declare an official end to both.

3. End the Wars
Issue an executive order to begin pulling our soldiers out of Iraq and Afghanistan. 100% of them.

4. Re-instate Unemployment Benefits
Consider creating a specialize unemployment program that allows people to collect benefits, but allows the government to receive limit labor from unemployed workers with special skills.

5. Investigate Financial Fraud
Create an independent unit to investigate the financial fraud that led to the financial crisis of 2008. This unit should focus on derivatives, Goldman Sachs, Bank of America, Wells Fargo, etc.

6. Cut the Budget Dramatically
Cut most of the Department of Education
Cut most of the Department of Interior
Cut the budget for most of the remaining agencies and departments by at least 20%.

7. Money Purity Reorganization
Force organizations to prove that their derivatives are real money. The idea would be to weep the derivatives out of the system. Frankly, i would need people who are a lot smarter than me to make this happen.

8. Proposal a new flat tax to Congress and eliminate the IRS.

9. Support Ron Paul's bill to audit the Federal Reserve.

10. Close 70-90% of all of our military bases in foreign countries.

So what should President Obama do right now?

1. Forget about the mid-term elections. The Democrats are toast.

2. Fire your economic team.

3. Focus on relieving the economic pain. Make sure that the unemployment benefits are re-instated or at least speed up the withdrawn from Iraq. Forget about leaving a permanent force of 30,000 to 50,000 in Iraq. We can't afford the wars.

4. Look at the list above.

5. Stop talking nonsense. The economy isn't getting better so stop lying to us like we're 8 year olds. Be frank.

6. Fire Rahm! Actually, you need to fire a lot of people, because you have been receiving some terrible advice.

7. Stop playing the race card, it only turns whites against you.

8. Stop blaming Bush, it only makes you look weak.

9. Be forget about transforming America. At this point, you'll be luck if you can preserve it.

In conclusion, my solutions would be very difficult to accomplish and some one them may not work. Nothing is guaranteed, but if this president continues down the current path, he will risk destroying this nation. It's time for President Obama to make some hard choices right now while they are still available.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Oil Spil: High Pressure v. Low Pressure

Despite a less noticeable presence in the mainstream media, the BP Oil Spill situation has not improved. BP has placed a new top on the spill area. No, they have not closed the leak, but they are preparing to test the pressure of oil coming out of the top sometime today. Actually, they were supposed to do it on Monday, but they backed off. Now why do they need to conduct a test? Well, in order to acquire a gasp on this situation, BP needs to know whether or the oil well (that's buried in the seafloor) is stable. If the pressure is high, that means that the well is holding up. If it is low, the well is probably compromised and there is oil leaking from the seafloor. If the latter is case, we're in big trouble.

Frankly, I think that will be the point where the nuclear option might not seem so crazy to some people.

BP Pressure Test for Oil Leak Delay

Monday, July 12, 2010

Bye, bye Census! Hello Unemployment!

Unemployment has been terrible all year and now it's about to get worse. We have three forces at work here. First, there is the large population of Americans who are losing their unemployment benefits. 1.4 million to be exact. 1.4 million workers have been without a job for at least 99 weeks. That means we're going to see a big increase in Americans living off of welfare. We're going to see many more families losing their homes (which will continue to kill real estate and boost bankruptcies). Expect to see a significant raise in homelessness. You won't have to view the stats. By Christmas, you'll see packed soup kitchens. Many formerly upper-middle class Americans have too many bills to live off of welfare. A lot of people are going to be facing some tough decisions. Sell the house? For what? Good Luck!

The second force is the U.S. Census, which has rescued 700,000 Americans from financial oblivion with seasonal jobs. But these jobs are already fading.

The third force is the most obvious: unemployment. Today, 560 layoffs were announced at the West Coast's last big shipbuilder (General Dynamics NASSCO). This is only one of the many private sector companies that are struggling. And since the stimulus money is just about gone, many companies aren't going to be able to take advantage of government deals. So we have local and state governments laying workers off. We have over 45 percent of the 14.6 million unemployed people have been jobless for more than 6 months and the situation is not improving.

But don't worry, Obama is coming to the rescue. Michelle says so. I watched part of her clique-filled speech to the NAACP and I wondered to myself, "How stupid do these political losers think we are?" The color of Obama's skin may have won him black votes in 2008, but in 2010, even black voters might grow tired of him. Michelle Obama joined the political hack organization known as the NAACP to issue a resolution to the Tea Party. This was a desperate attempt to attack critics of Obama by portraying them as racists. Well, this act was despicable the first time and it's just plain pathetic now.

Newsflash: Black people don't live in a vacuum. Your rhetoric isn't going to distract them from the cold reality. The economy is getting worse and there's not a damn thing that Obama can do about it. If anything, he's making it worse.

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My Sources
End of Census, and for Many, End of Job

No extension of unemployment benefits in sight for the long-term jobless

Obama's deficit

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Ferguson: American Collapse within 2 Years!

The collapse of the American empire is happen. At this point, it's just a matter of time. I've been saying this for awhile. Gerald Celente, Ron Paul and Peter Schiff have all warned us that the debt and reckless spending was going to change American life. All of these men successful predicted the economic collapse of 2008. Now, we can add Niall Ferguson to the list of intelligent minds who see an economic collapse in this nation's near future.

“I think this is a problem that is going to go live really soon,” Ferguson said. “In that sense, I mean within the next two years. Because the whole thing, fiscally and other ways, is very near the edge of chaos. And we’ve seen already in Greece what happens when the bond market loses faith in your fiscal policy.”

Ferguson believes that empires are subjected to quick collapses. This only happens so quickly that many of its citizens are taken by surprise and let in vulnerable situations. Ferguson said that the tipping point is when an empire's debt surpasses its military cost. This leads to a sharp collapse.

“By combating our crisis of private debt with an extraordinary expansion of public debt, we inevitably are going to reduce the resources available for national security in the years ahead...Because as a debt grows, so the interest payments you have to make on it grow, even if interest rates stay low. And on current projections, the federal debt is going to be absorbing around 20 percent — a fifth of all the taxes you pay — within just a few years."

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Oscar Grant Trial and Possible Riots!

The Oscar Grant trial has concluded. Well, technically, it's the Johannes Mehserle Trial, since he is the accused. But most people refer to this trial as the Oscar Grant Trial, because he is the focus on the case. 22 year old Oscar Grant was penned down and shot to death by two white BART police Officer in the Oakland area. The entire incident was captured on video by several bystanders and the images of former BART police Officer Johannes Mehserle shooting an unarmed black man has sparked fears that Oakland could erupt in violence if he is acquitted or given a favorable verdict of involuntary manslaughter. The Oakland police is rallying law enforcement from as far away as 100 miles to deal with a possible riot.

When I uploaded a video discussing the case, a viewer commented:

"Maybe because it's not a diversity committee in an elementary school, it's a jury. It's kind of racist to think that the racial composition of the jury matters in the outcome of the trial. If that's the case, then we should have white people try white people and black people try black people."

According to the U.S. Census, 10.6% of the population in the city of Los Angeles is black.

9.6% of the population in Los Angeles County are black. How you can have a juror that represents the LA population with having one black person on the jury is beyond me. But let's get real.

Perception matters!

Fair or not, how people perceive situations matter. If a white cop is caught on camera shooting and killing an unarmed (and penned down) black male in Oakland, CA, it's not going to look good when you have a jury of 12 and not one of them is black. It's bad enough that the officer shot a man in the Oakland community and didn't have to face a jury from that area, but now the trial is being held in Los Angeles and somehow not one jury (or alternate) is black. There are usually 12 jurors and 4 alternates. That's 16 people who will judge Johannes Mehserle.

I strongly believe that there needed to be some black jurors on this trial for one simple and obvious reason. If this man doesn't receive a verdict of second degree murder and there no black people on the jury, most black people in Oakland probably won't view the decision as legitimate. And that is a huge political and security problem. Obviously, most blacks in Oakland won't riot, but there is a fear that many young people will go on the offensive. I'm not encouraging violence in any way, but I have to say that not having one black juror was an unwise decision.

Originally, I didn't think there would be a riot, but then I spoke with a fellow Youtuber pdlumina on the phone and he said that he spoke with several black friends about the situation. Frankly, he seemed worried to me. He told me that they believed that there were a lot of young people gearing up for something. His black friends expressed fears that things may get out of control.

You can view pdlumina's "Summer of Terror, riots could pop off soon. LA, Oakland set for anarchy this week" below.

Now, I know that some people are going to read this and say that "Oh, but things have changed since the 1992 riots." Yeah, the president is now black and the overall situation for blacks (and virtually everybody else) is worse. Regardless of who's to blame, things are worse. And people are on edge.

In closing, I don't know if there will be riots in Oakland, but I believe that there is something brewing in this country. People (black, white or everybody else) are getting sick and tired of being bullied. They don't want the government running their lives. They don't want to be taxed more while the Democrats and Republicans give their money away to the criminals on Wall Street. They're sick of the shady deals in Washington, the lies of the corporate-owned mainstream media, the continuous bailouts of the so called too-big-to-fails, the government's cohesion with the villainous BP, the severely depressing job market, the reckless payday-in-the-strip-club deficit spending, the unnecessary wars and the overall situation in this country.

The people are sick of it.

And now the people of Oakland have this cop who shoots an unarmed man in their community. People have lose their jobs, homes, lifestyles, families with little hope for the future and now they have to tolerate what appears to be bullying by the police. People may say, "Enough is enough."

I hope we have peace, but this may push people to the breaking point. I'm not saying that there will be riots, but you should at least prepare just in case.

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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Oil Spill: The Government is Hiding Something BIG!

Where there's smoke, there's usually fire. The Obama administration has teamed up with BP to create a media blackout of the Gulf Oil spill area. National Incident Commander Thad Allen is leading the charge is banning reporters from coming within 65 feet of water booms and boats. He calls it a "safety zone." In fact, they're so obsessed with banning the media from key sites that they are willing to throw witnesses in jail. If you are caught breaking their "safety rules", you can be charged with a $40,000 fine And Class D Felony. Yes, a felony for coming to close to a ship. So here's the question: What are they trying to hide?

Keep in mind that BP got Obama over 600,000 dollars in campaign money. So now they are getting help from the Coast Guard in blocking media access.

Here are the possibilities:

1. Incompetence
Maybe the government is trying to protect BP and themselves from looking incompetent. Perhaps they are worried that this will make Obama look incompetent and hurt the Democrats in the coming elections.

2. Malicious Intent
Perhaps Obama wants this disaster to cause the maximum amount of damage so that he can use this crisis to push for his cap and trade policy proposals.

3. A Greater Threat
The last explanation seems like the most probable cause. Maybe the reason why the cleanup effort is failing is because they are not focused on cleaning up. I'm starting to wonder if we're doing with a crisis that is greater than an oil spill. We now have reason to believe that the oil is spilling from the ocean floor. So maybe BP created some kind of under sea volcano that threatens the health of the entire Gulf of Mexico and now the government is trying to prevent panic by controlling the information.

The government's motives can be any one of these explanations or a combination. In any event, what the U.S. government is doing is a direct violation of the 1st amendment of the United States constitution. There's a reason why we are being lied to about the amount of oil that is erupting from the scene. there's a reason why we are not using supertankers to clean this mess up. There's a reason why the government is blocking the media out.

The federal government has something to hide.

What is it?!

Gulf oil spill likely to reach Florida Keys, Miami, report says