Wednesday, April 13, 2011

DEMCAD: Why 911 Can't Save You!

Video of Stone Mountain Home Invasion Released:

By Reginald Kaigler (DEMCAD)

For all of you anti-gunners who think that being unarmed and meek will save you, pay close attention to what I am about to say. Refusing to take action to protect your family may get you killed. Calling 911 is not going to stop some two-legged creature from shooting you in the head. Recently, a business man had an encounter with two thugs who broke into his home. One of them shot his girlfriend in the hand and it was all captured on the owner's surveillance footage.

Four suspects tried to enter the home. Two were successful before fleeing the scene. The home owner didn't run them away with a gun, but if this happened after a collapse, he would have been on his own.

This is just one of the latest examples of why you need to have some form of protection. Forget about your cultural preferences or your beliefs. Look at reality. If someone breaks into your house, you will have to wait at least five minutes for a law enforcement officer to arrive. That gives the criminal at least five minutes to harm you and leave. That's plenty of time. And the five minute response is under the best conditions.

Last year, Detroit cut its response time by 28% to a pathetic 24 minutes. A psychopath could rape you and your whole family in 24 minutes and still have time for a cup of tea. You need to understand that the police will not be able to get to your home in time to save you.

Even the best response times take about 10 minutes. In 2010, Denver Police Department had a response time of 11 minutes, Tucson, Ariz. had 10 minutes and 11 seconds, Kansas City, Mo. and Oklahoma City were a little under 10 minutes. In a collapse situation, not only would the police force be smaller, it would also be carrying a bigger work load. As a result, response time would increase.

Police departments and sheriff departments are cutting back across the nation. In Camden, New Jersey, the police department has seen a net loss 118 officers (and this is after they rehired some of the cops they laid off). The picture is clear...

High and prolonged unemployment + less cops + cut back in government services = more crime

If the entitlement system collapses, we'll have tens of millions of desperate people trying to feed and take care of their families. There are currently over 44 million people collecting food stamps in America. The average amount of food stamp money is already dropping, while the cost of food is rising. State and city governments are cutting services. If you think the federal government is going to ride in for the rescue, take a look at its books. We've looking at another $1.5 trillion dollar deficit for this year. In March, the federal government spent more than 8 times the amount of its revenue. The federal government is broke.

The federal Reserve has been propping up the system with money printing, but we're seeing the results of that foolishness at the grocery stores. Food prices aren't just rising, they're soaring.

Corn has doubled since 2009

The writing is on the wall whether you look at it or not. If you are worried about your kids finding your gun, take the necessary action to make sure that they don't touch your gun. Teach to respect the gun and explain to them exactly what it can do. I strongly encourage you to take action now. Buy a gun, acquire the ammo and learn how to use it. If you want a firearm for home defense, I highly recommend a pump action 12 GA shotgun. A pump action is highly-reliable and easy to use. 12 Ga is probably the most common gun round in America. Buy some buckshot and head to the gun range. I own a Mossberg 500, but a Remington 870 is just as good. If you don't like guns, ask yourself this: Am I going to put my pride before the safety of my family?

Budget Deficit in U.S. Increased to $188.2 Billion in March

Camden to rehire 50 police officers, 15 firefighters

In Detroit, Improved 911 Response Times

Response times

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  1. While stocking up on food provides a momentary hedge against rising food prices, it is only momentary. Growing your own is the only means to hedge against it for any real amount of time.

    Yes.. food prices will really soar this year. Corn is not surprising.. and with the release of a GMO corn this year that is unique in that it is programmed to essentially display it's traits after harvest.. that will seriously mess things up.

    Enogen is the name of this strain. It only takes 1 kernel in 10,000 to effect the way it is processed for human food consumption. As corn is a crop that pollinates by means of wind, with pollen able to ride the breeze up to 2 miles, and the crop itself is immediately effected by cross pollination.. Oh yeah.. interesting times. BTW.. GMO traits are dominant.. period.

    Now comes the realization of how much this can effect... more than 60% of processed foods in the grocery store have some form of corn in it (usually as a sweetener).

    GMO alfalfa also was cleared this year too. Yet another round of fun that as well will have serious implications on food.

    You're in prime territory for gardening Demcad.. may as well use that advantage. Besides.. no one can dispute the fact that produce from a backyard tastes amazing.