Monday, July 4, 2011

You Can Survive!

By Reginald Kaigler (DEMCAD)

One of my youtube viewers asked "DEMCAD, do you think you're famous? I think you're on your way."

No, I'm not famous and I don't care to be. I just hope that I am able to encourage others to take action and prepare to survive what's coming, because it is highly unlikely that I will be around for much longer. I am a poor black male living in the most dangerous city in America during the worse economic downturn since the Great Depression. I lack the resources, the funds and social connections to avoid what I expect to be the Great American Holocaust.

This country is so far into debt that the government is struggling to pay off the mere interest on the debt. According to Congressional Budget Office, the U.S. will have a $1.5 trillion deficit for this fiscal year alone. According to USA Today, Medicare obligations is somewhere near $24.8 trillion. Social Security is about $21.4 trillion, Federal debt is $9.4 trillion, IOUs for Social Security and other social programs are $4.6 trillion, federal employee retirement benefits will cost $2 trillion for and the state, local government obligations will hopefully be under $5.2 trillion. I won't even mention the derivatives and personal debt.

The housing market is already deep into a depression, while unemployment is worsening. We've seen initial claims for unemployment benefits reach over 400,000 for the last 12 weeks. What that means is that in every week, at least 400,000 new people have filed for unemployment benefits.

The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program reported that we had 44,674,000 Americans were collecting food stamps in April 2011. Since November 2008, we have seen a minimum increase of 100,000 new participants every month. Often, we see 300,000 to 400,000 participant increases from month to month. Look at the photo capture of the official numbers below.

The situation in this country is dire and it is only a matter of time until we can no longer ignore it. We have a unsustainable economic system (of debt and consumption), a criminal financial system, a corrupt political system, an unjust legal system, an embarrassingly inadequate education system, three costly (and unnecessary) wars and a population that mostly lacks critical thinking skills. There is no way that a country in which a large percentage of the population relates on a ponzi scheme government can escape a major population decline when the system collapse.

I am the only person in my household working, if you call blogging on youtube work. Without my income, my 67 year old mom and 43 year old sister would not be able to pay the water, electric, gas, cable, Internet and telephone bills. My sister supported me when I was in college and now I'm trying to help her. She's been out of work for years, with the exception of a minimum wage child care job. My mom had a health scare and is not able to work. My sister is ill and needs me to help her when she has a medical emergency.

So when the system collapse, I'll be lucky if my food storage can feed use for 4 months. We'll have one month supply of water, but my water filter should buy us more time. My guns (Mossberg 500 12 Gauge pump action shotgun, GP WASR-10/63 also known as an AK-47, Mossberg 30-06 Bolt Action Rifle and Glock 21) should give me a fighting chance of securing the house. But my sister's refusal to go to the shooting range and learn how to shoot will likely get me killed. No one will have my back. My closet friend lives down the street, but has a large number of children to take care of. And no, he doesn't have food storage.

And being a young black male means that I have the added bonus of being much more likely to be killed. Living in what the FBI refers to as The Most Dangerous City in America won't help. The other day, I read about some young guys robbing a man with mace and a small gun. They ran away with 8 dollars. Brilliant!

It's that bad in Flint. Nevertheless, you can prepare your family to survive and prosper. Very few of you are in the desperate situation that I am in. Most of you have the resources to store food, to buy guns and learn how to use them. You can build relationships with neighbors. Unless you are in a hardcore zombie zone, you should be able to find some preppers. Most of you have family members in decent spots. I'm in Flint, MI: the worse place to be during a collapse. My extended family is in Detroit: The second worse place to be during the collapse.

Uploading videos allows me to support my family, but it also allows me to get the word out. If I can help save lives, then I'll feel better about my own when it comes to an end. My challenge is tremendous, but I have not given up. I will fight tooth and nail to protect my family and therefore, I hope you do the same. You have a choice. You Can Survive!

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