Wednesday, September 21, 2011

If you Only Had Hours to prepare for a Disaster...

By Reginald Kaigler (DEMCAD)

In my screenplay "No Man's Land," a man discovers that he only has a few days to prepare for the end of the world as we know it. But when if you turned on the television and the news outlets were reporting a nuclear bomb over three U.S. cities? Or when if you were watching television at 7:30am and all of the power went out. You checked the circuit box, no luck. But then you realize that your car is dead, all of your portable electronics won't work. When if the U.S. is hit with an EMP, or CNN reports that the dollar has collapsed? When if you only have a couple of hours to react to an event, what would you do?

In The Outer Limits episode "Inconstant Moon", a physics professor realizes that something is terrible has happened to the sun. But then he wastes his time moonlighting with a woman he has loved for years. Instead of raiding the store for food and water, they went for a long walk only to figure out that the sun only flared up. Sure, half of the half is screeched, but his side of the planet had a fighting chance. So if the shit hits the fan, don't sit on your ass.

Here's my advice.

1. Fight or Flight
The first thing you would have to decide is if you are going to stay or go! If you're going to go, you should already have a half of tank of gas, I'm never going to let my tank get below one half. So get your bug out bag, the gas you store for your lawnmower, find the nearest large gas station and head to your bug out location, but make sure you avoid the major highways.

If you bunker down at home, see number two.

2. Acquire MORE Water

Fill up some of the sinks, the stationary tub and the bathtub. You may want to do this even if you decide to leave, because you may end up stuck at home. Remember, you can still take a bath later on, but always let it filled with water in case you lose access to water.

3. Get Organized and make Calls
Grab the pre-packed emergency bags as the tubs fill. Tell your wife or husband or son or daughter to call the other family members. One blogger suggested calling in prescriptions. Good luck with that one. It may be worth if to call a store to have someone put something aside. You may even choose to hand your 14 year old son to order items from Walmart online as you pack and load your stuff into the truck and choose to pick up the items at the store.

Frankly, I would avoid stores like the plague. This is why you should prepare ahead of time. If you want to know why, just watch a video of idiotic Americans trampling each other on Black Friday to get a deal at Walmart or Target. If people are willing to kill each other over a no-name LCD TV on Black Friday, imagine what these animals will do when they're afraid. Watch the video below.

The stores are going to be too dangerous. But maybe you'll get lucky and you'll turn on the Tv at 4am when things are going down and most people will be in bed.

4. If you shop, Be fast and Calculating

Find an area to shop. Don't try to drive all over town. Stick to an area that has the dollar store, sporting goods store and the grocery. Even if the grocery store charges too much. You'll lose precious time driving across time and increase the likelihood of being hit by the mob on idiots. Please see the video above.

Never shop along. Grab a walkie talkie, so you armed 15 year old kid and wife in the car can communicate with you as you shop. You'll need someone to guard your car (it will have items you purchased from other stores.) I recommend grabbing your trust-worthy neighbor or nearby friend and carpool. Desperate people will steal from your car as you shop! I recommend you leave the wife and son at home with a gun, while you and your buddies shop together. You may want to have four men. Two go in at a time.

5. Buy More than You Think You Need
Please don't forget about the alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, soap, bandages and dressing. Here's a tip, the dollar store will have great prices for cotton balls, elastic bandages, but you can better grab the masks and tools at the Home Depot. If you don't have a gun, get a shotgun for home defense, handgun for personal defense and a rifle for 100 yard defense and hunting. Stick to common calibers: 12GA, 40SW, 9mm, 45 ACP, 7.62x39, 308, 5.56x45mm and 30-06. Buy the ammo first and then grab the rifle. I think the ammo will go first. If you can, buy them both at once.

In closing, the reason why I prepare is so I don't have to rush if an emergency occurs. So if you something happened, how would you send the first hour or so? How would you respond?

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