Saturday, January 7, 2012

Rick Perry Will Be the Nominee

By Reginald Kaigler (DEMCAD)

Who will win the 2012 General Election?

In my opinion, someone who represents the best interest of the banking elite. The so called too-big-to-fail banks. This candidate will receive millions of dollars from JP Morgan Chase, Bank of America, UBS, Citigroup and Goldman Sachs. This person maybe a Republican or Democrat, but he will not act in your best interest. That is the reality of American politics. Or at least, that is how I perceive American politics, so rest assure that my analysis is not bias in favor of any political party.

Let's talk about who will win the nomination and why?

Traditionally, the GOP nominates the next guy in line. This would most certainly be former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney. However, there is a problem. He's not a conservative or even a moderate conservative. He's not even a liberation. He's not much of anything at all. Not only has he conveniently reversed his positions on issues such as gun rights, abortion and Obamacare, but he has failed to stand his ground on much of anything.

McCain wasn't a conservative either and he became the nominee because he was the next guy in line and he meet a basic criteria. Therein lies the problem for Mitt Romney, his failure to stand for anything substantial may have disqualified him from being the nominee.

To be perfectly clear, after winning Iowa, Romney is in a strong position and the GOP nomination is his to lose. However, I think my prediction that Rick Perry will win the nomination is still plausible. Despite his embarrassing performances during debates, I think he is likely to be the nominee. Sure he considered quitting after his Iowa lost, but McCain's comapign was dead in early 2008 and Newt's was on life support late last year. Why do I think Rick perry will be the nominee.

Because he fits the GOP criteria. Unfortunately, the criteria doesn't require honesty and intelligence (as former President George W. Bush has proven). Nor does the Democratic nomination for that matter (i.e. President Barack Obama). Sure Obama taught at Harvard, but he can barely speech without a teleprompter and he once claimed to have visited 57 states.

Anyway, GOP nominees generally have to might a criteria
1. Executive Record (Governor, Military -- George W. Bush was the Governor of Texas, McCain was a war veteran, etc.)
2. No Successful Business Record (I'm not kidding! McCain was never a businessman, George W. Bush ran oil companies into the ground, but at least Reagan was an actor who generated his own income. Presidential nominees from both parties rarely have any useful business experience and Romney obviously does. The power elite want personalities in the White House that they can control)
3. Appeal to Most or All branches in the Party
(A nominee doesn't have to be everyone favorite, but the fiscal conservatives, neo cons and social conservatives must be able to tolerate the nominee)

Romney fails to meet the requirements for both 2 and 3. Rick Perry meets all three requirements. Ron Paul's libertarians probably won't generate enough numbers to overcome the mountain of neo con craziness in the GOP. The establishment is terrified of this guy.

So why not Santorum, he's not very personable and will scare moderates away with his extreme take on social conservatism. It's not always what you say, but how you say it. And losing his last u.S. Senate race by more than 18% in Pennyslvannia won't help.

What about Newt Gingrich? Well, he has more baggage than a 747.

Back to Rick Perry. Simply put, they don't invite you to Bilderberg for nothing. So I still see Perry as the nominee.


Here's how, Huntsman does well in NH, splitting the moderate voter and hurting Romney in South Carolina. Santorum fades and his voters go to Perry. The elites leak details about Newt's ugly past and he continues to decline, conservative move to Perry.

Perry surpasses Newt and finishes (1st or 2nd) in South Carolina. I think he will win. (I'm either a psychic or crazy)

Perry and Romney will battle in Florida. Huntsman will pull votes away from Romney, Santorum and Newt will pull votes away from Perry. Romney will win.

Santorum drops out after another poor showing. Newt is toast. It's a two-man race. By this point, Perry maybe performing better at debates and he will have enough support from the Tea Party, neo cons, social conservatives and fiscal hawks to overcome Mitt Romney.

Perry is a snake and liar, so he'll match up well with pathological liar Obama in November. Do I care who wins? You should already know the answer.

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  1. Good choice! Rick Perry would be my second choice of the next POTUS. My first choice? Barack Obama. I think Obama has done a sufficient job of screwing up this country that he's a shoe in for the job. Oh, and yes, I voted for Barack Obama last election! My prediction? Barack Obama is elect.... errr, SELECTED for a second term.