Saturday, August 18, 2012

The Breakdown of America

Two stories, one case.

A Township wants to fine a lunch lady (Lunch lady Angela Prattis) $600 bucks for feeding poor kids in a impoverished neighborhood. Prattis isn't making any money off of the program, she receives the food from  the Archdiocese of Philadelphia's Nutritional Development Services and she works closely with a state worker on a regular basis. She even fills out paper work every week. But the township is threatening to fine her because she is feeding poor children in a residential area. As if it would make sense to feed them in a commercial area where they would need money to get to the location.

This is pathetic and disgraceful. I bet they aren't chasing the white collar crooks in their township like they are harassing this woman. And I'm sure the township isn't fining crack dealers. When the park director told her to shut it down, she pleaded for help and asked the director what he could do to help her. He sent her a shut off notice.

Another story.

A federal appeals court ruling decided that it was more important for Bank of New York Mellon to get money than the consumers of the failed futures brokerage Sentinel Management Group. After Sentinel filed for bankruptcy, the customers learned that their money was used by the firm. Brokerage firms are supposed to keep their customers money separate from their own, but this ruling basically gives them a legal precedent to justify stealing their customers' money. This is outright robbery. When did it become acceptable for governments to protect corporate criminals? And when did it make sense to target lunch ladies who give out food to poor children.

Meanwhile, Moody's is preparing for the bankruptcy of more California cities. In July, unemployment levels increased in 44 states across America. As of April, we had 46,496,788 Americans collecting food stamps. Like I said before, this is more than an economic breakdown. This is a breakdown of America.

Both stories represent a breakdown in America. A breakdown in common decency. A breakdown in good sense. A breakdown in government and leadership. And a breakdown in morality. Where is America's morality?

Lunch Lady faces fine
Sentinel Ruling
46.496 Million on Food Stamps
Unemployment raises in 44 states


  1. I read stuff like this every day. It is really starting to PISS ME OFF!

  2. Hi Reginald, just found your blog from your YouTube rant to Samuel L Jackson! I find it refreshing to listen to and read someone who is obviously a thinker, regardless if I agree 100%, we need more people like you rather than the sheep out there now.