Monday, May 6, 2013

What I've Noticed About People

By Reginald Kaigler (DEMCAD)
When you warn people to prepare for a possible emergency most people ignore you. No matter how big the threat, people don't act until someone dies. And when a tragedy happens, people react. We Americans don't act, we react. New Orleans knew that their levee system was not up to par, but parades and parties were a higher priority than upgrading the levees.  The so called state and city leaders didn't see the threat, so they didn't act. After Hurricane Katrina hit and left over a thousand dead, then the so called leaders reacted. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers failed the city with a weak design. The local and state governments failed the city.

Afterwards, they claim that they'll never let it happen again. Time passes and nothing gets done. The emotion dries up and something ever gets their attention.

People always want to know what you do for a living, so they judge you by how much money you have. You could be the biggest asshole ever, but if you have money, people will treat you better. Even if you treat them worse.

Hell, whenever I've been in a new church (usually black), I've noticed that people are very friendly in the beginning. But after six months, they start to treat you according to your socio-economic status. If you came from a poor family, middle class folks with Cadillacs and Buicks looked down on the people who rode the church bus. I'm not saying all churches are like that, but in America, almost every one worships the all-mighty federal reserve notes some call dollars.

People who use the word “Bro” excessively are almost always assholes. They usually refer to you as bro just before they say something really offensive to you.

People who run for office are almost never trustworthy. They run with the same trite lines and the same tired rhetoric. "I'll FIGHT for you!" "HONESTY!" "INTEGRITY!"

Here's a word, "BULLSHIT!"

Politicians only look out for themselves. They don't give a damn about you. I almost think we should have a lottery instead of an election.

Ratchet females will always get aggressive when they think a guy won’t hit them back.

Everywhere I go, I see a young black male sagging his jeans and showing his underwear. When will this idiotic trend die? How many times must I hear some young black male (sometimes white) walking down the street loudly butchering rap lyrics with his pants sagging?


  1. About the sagging jeans thing - in Reno Nevada - most the kids are like that (regardless of color).

    I so very much want to sneak up behind them, and pull their pants up for them...

    Maybe they are practicing to become plumbers.

  2. I've seen far too many kids of all races wear their pants like that and I'm sick of it.

  3. This is probably silly..but to me it seems that major issues that hit our society or that touches all humanity (certain illnesses, foreign/domestic crisis, terrorism or war related items..etc) tends to be all the rage in scripted tv shows, movies (& now-a-days video games) approximately 10 or so years before the actual issue happens & these shows/movies/games be DEAD ON!! Lol! I think it's on purpose honestly.. I think it's a way to prepare & desensitize the masses.. Idunno..