Monday, November 18, 2013

George Zimmerman Charged With Aggravated Assault of Girlfriend! Another Alleged Gun Threat!

By Reginald Kaigler (DEMCAD)

It's November 18th, 2013 and George Zimmerman is in trouble again. This time, he has been arrested for allegedly threatening his girlfriend, Samantha Scheibe, was a shotgun.

Let's see, this is the third time George Zimmerman has been accused of domestic violence. This is the second time a woman has claimed he threatened her with a gun. There was an incident in 2005 with his fiance, the alleged pistol threat to his estranged wife this year (charges dropped) and now this allegedly shotgun threat with his girlfriend. Not to mention the fight with the cops in 2005. He was able to take a class to reduce the “resisting officer with violence" charge. That was the year his fiance filed a restraining order siting domestic violence. I'm not even going to go into details about his cousin accusing him of molesting her.

What's important is that there is a clear pattern. This guy has far too many red flags.

Now does his criminal history and charges mean that he is guilty of murder? No.

I think it is fascinating how George Zimmerman's supporters could bash a teenager with no criminal history, while upholding George Zimmerman as a hero when he had such a questionable story and a controversial past.

And even now, many people claim that he was a hero for shooting Trayvon Martin.

Here's my question: How many red flags does it take to wake people up to the fact that this asshole is unstable. He's becoming the media's poster boy for conceal carry and the Stand Your Ground laws.

Race was always a big undertone in the media's coverage, but I was always concerned about how this character would be used to paint conceal carry permit holders as crazies.

Frankly, I think it's embarrassing that so many people in the gun community are continuing to support him. I think the gun community would have been wise to distance themselves from this man.

With that said, I wonder if these charges have changed some people's view of George Zimmerman? After all, they are only charges and he seems to be good at getting charges dropped and sentences reduced.

And it's possible that all three women were lying. Every defendant is innocent until proven guilty.

The question is do you think George Zimmerman is unstable?

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