Friday, December 10, 2010

Big Inflation Within Two Months!

By Reginald Kaigler

Hyperinflation Within Two Months!

Most of you know that John Williams (webmaster of Shadow Government Statistics) has been predicting a hyper-inflationary event in America for awhile. But after John's latest interview, I'm more convinced than ever. He's expecting the beginning of a hyperinflation depression in America. He also believes that prices in food and gas will soar within the next couple of months.

The debt has become unmanageable, the government refuses to address the biggest problems and our decades of foolish monetary policy will lead to an inevitable collapse.

"The economy is still turning down. The solvency crisis is getting worse. The fed is already into qualitative easing 2. And you're beginning to see the effects of inflation from there. And that will eventually evolve into hyperinflation."

I hope I have more time, because I'm not ready for a dollar crisis and I've been preparing for awhile.

Barack Obama is embarrassing!

In other news, Barrack Obama embarrassed himself again when he ditched Bill Clinton at a press conference about his tax deal with Republicans. House Democrats rejected the deal that would extend unemployment benefits for 13 months, while passing all of Bush's tax cuts. Obama excused himself, by saying that he didn't want to keep his wife waiting. He just dipped out.

It was one of the most telling moments of his president, because you couldn't help but wonder how much better off we would be with a more competent president. Is this guy even taking the job seriously?

Does he even care?

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  1. DEMCAD, I think Bill Clinton insulted Obama by continually referring to him as "he" instead of President Obama. Whether you, myself and others think Obama should have ignored this and continued giving the importance of the issues is another thing. I am not a fan of any of them, however, blatant disrespect is why he left. He may have regretted leaving later. Watch the clip again and listen to the languge and look at the facial expressions of both of them.