Thursday, December 9, 2010

Maloney: Credit Bubble Will POP!

Precious metals investment advisor and author ("Guide to Investing in Gold and Silver") Mike Maloney provided some much needed commentary about the current economic crisis. Maloney predicted that Ben Bernanke would overreact to the initial crisis (a threat of deflation) but creating massive inflation. Now, Maloney is convinced that we are seeing this inflation in the stock market. But the big question is when will we see the inflation in other areas such as food. Obviously, we're experiencing inflation in food, but it's nothing compared to the hyperinflation I expected to occur this year.

Interesting enough, Maloney predicted a stock market bounce. He also correctly predicted that the rally will be lead by the banks. In his new video, he explained that we are experiencing monetary deflation (a contraction in M3). So in essence, Mike thinks that we will experience deflation, Bernanke will continue to over-react and print us into hyperinflation.

"All bubbles pop...we are in a credit bubble."

His book "Guide to Investing in Gold and Silver" is mostly a historical look at monetary policy.

"I believe now is the time to get out of the stock market."

SO is this guy just hyping gold and silver, or is he on to something?

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  1. i have read his book we are reliving history the book is a must read not just for gold and silver investors gold is money so the book is a history of money, would like to know if mike thinks silver will fall in a deflationary scenario his book says no but if gold is back as money and silver isnt what happens to silver