Friday, May 20, 2011

Obama DEFIES Israel (or is he?)

It's a miracle. President Obama has finally done something that is sensible...or so it seems. The President has endorsed a plan to reset the Israel/Palestine borders back to the 1967 configuration. Let me say that if Obama sticks to this stances that it will be the first intelligent move that he has made on foreign policy issues. The problem is that Obama has a long history is saying one thing and doing another. Remember his pledge to create the most transparent administration, ever. And who can forget his early 2009 pledge to shut down Guantanamo Bay detention camp.

Obama fails on promise to shut down Guantanamo

My greatest concern is that the Israeli lobbyist will pull pressure on Obama and he'll cave. Or maybe this is just a stint. maybe he has no intention of backing down. If there's a false flag terror attack, he can use it as cover to renege on his promise. Jewish donors are already turning up the heat.

Jewish Donors Warn Obama on Israel

Malcolm I. Hoenlein (the executive vice chairman of The Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations) summed it up,

"It's that people hold back, people don't have the enthusiasm and are not rushing forward at fund-raisers to be supportive...Much more what you'll see is holding back now."

Obama knows he needs the big money to get re-elected. So we'll see if Obama's actions match up with his words.

Do you think Obama will push forward with this plan?

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