Monday, June 6, 2011

Carville: Civil Unrest "Imminently Possible"

By Reginald Kaigler (DEMCAD)

You're a 42 year old man. You were the breadwinner of your family. You worked as an account manager at engineer firm based in Atlanta, Georgia. The $180,000 salary allowed you to fund your 16 year old daughter's ballet classes, pay for your 14 year old son's membership on the junior varsity league hockey team and live comfortably with your wife in your $400,000 home in Oakhurst, Georgia.

Two years later, you've lost your job, you're up-side down in your mortgage, your wife went back to work, you're lifestyle has been cut back drastically and you finally realize that the so called "recovery" isn't happening. What do you do when your only daughter is going to college to major in anthropology and acquiring over $60,000 in debt every year? What does a working class man tell his 17 year old who has been accepted into the University of Michigan-Flint and he can't afford it? What does a High School Principal say to his graduating class when there are no decent jobs available? What can career adviser say to a 21 year old graduating college when the most significant job growth is coming from McDonald's going on a hiring spree?

More Americans are dealing with these questions than ever before. The housing market's collapse has surpassed the wreckage of the Great Depression, while the middle class is rapidly shrinking and the financial system is on the verge of another collapse. For many months, people have accused people such as myself of being a fear-monger for expressing my considers about the economy. They said that we were extremists for talking about an economic collapse and possible civil rest. Well, now, Democratic pollster James Carville is issuing a similar warning.

“But the country, if that is what we are doing, this is gruesome on people. This unemployment rate for this long is humanitarian crisis of the first magnitude."

James continues,

"The aftermath of these things — kind of an academic book that is dry entitled ‘This Time is Different.’ What it concluded it is not different this time. They studied it, the aftermath of the financial crisis. What we are going through is imminently predictable. But this is a terrible thing that has happened to people’s lives."

Carville goes on to say that if the unemployment situation worsens,

"we will begin to see civil unrest in this country. I hate to say that. But I think it is imminently possible."

Frankly, I think Carville is wrong about this situation being the "aftermath." We've still in this mess. The writing is on the wall and people are starting to see it. A Newsweek/Daily Beast poll has found that most Americans are pissed. They're angry at Obama, the Republicans and even God. I'm serious. God has a 33 percent approval rating. Don't laugh, because this means that people maybe reaching the breaking point. And if another round of layoffs begin this summer, all bets are off.

Poll: Americans angry about nearly everything

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