Monday, June 20, 2011

POEM: The Cavalry is Not Coming!

By Reginald Kaigler (DEMCAD)

The cavalry is not coming.
There will be not a third party -
Only a donkey and an elephant singing the same song
Playing the same rugged game
Selling the same lies
On the same tv networks owned by the same corporations
That bought the donkeys and elephants in the first place.

The cavalry is not coming.
The polls will closed at 8, but most minds will not open at all.
There will not be a savior, a messiah or politician
Who will make everything right.
Because you can’t clean a septic tank without getting dirty.
Washington will not listen to you.
They don’t care you
They don’t think about you.
They only think about how they can screw you.


The cavalry is not coming.
You can vote Republican or Democratic,
Be black, white, red, yellow or blue
But if you’re not Wall Street,
They don’t give a damn about you.


Because they know that
The cavalry is not coming.
They know half of the kids in cities can’t read.
They know most high schools indoctrinate rather than educate.
Washington knows that most Americans would rather blame their neighbors
than blame the masters.
They people who really run this place we call America.

They know most Americans don’t see the Federal Reserve enslaving them.
The government borrowing money it can never pay,
So it can drop bombs on poor people in oil rich countries.
They know the elections are rigged and candidates are selected by the masters.
Washington knows they can’t get elected without the corporations
So they don’t bite the hand the feeds them
But what are they feeding us?


The cavalry is not coming.
If you want to be saved, you gonna have to save yourself.

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