Saturday, May 19, 2012

Think Home Security BEFORE SHTF

By Reginald Kaigler (DEMCAD)
I did a video on installing a barricade to re-inforce my back doors. Since many home invasions begin with the front and back doors becoming kicked in, acquiring the tools to reinforce your doors would provide added security during SHTF (Sh!t Hits The Fan). Simply put, you would use high quality screws to hold a Zinc door stop (bracket) on each side of your door. And drop a 2x4 wood board into the brackets. Use a power drill to drill small starter holes into the studs so you don't damage the wood frame of the door (like I did).

Someone on Youtube commented that I should move. If that's what you think, you people don't get it. I would make sure I had this capability in any neighborhood. You think because you're middle class and you can afford to be in a so called "safe" neighborhood that you will be immune to a national SHTF emergency, well you're wrong. Dead wrong.

If there is a world wide financial collapse and the U.S. credit system freezes to the point where businesses must lay off millions, then basic systems could break down. If there are riots in major U.S. cities, the transportation system will break down. if truckers can deliver food and other goods, supplies will run very low. This is when many regular people will get desperate. Imagine what people will do to feed their children. This is why storing food and water (water filter included) is so important.

There are people like this in every city, town and neighborhood. If you have guns, but no food and water, you will become apart of the problem. If you have food and water, but no weapons, you may become a victim. If you have food, water and guns, but you don't know how to operate (and clean) your gun, you may become a victim. I'm not expert by any stretch of the imagination, but I do posses good sense. I still have a lot of weak points in my home, but I'm working on them. Now is the time to start thinking about home security.


  1. People don't get it. When SHTF happens and people find out that you have food because you have prepared, you will be a target no matter where you live.


  2. Hi Reg,

    Just wondering. Did u notice that 3 white males were arrested for plotting a terrorist act against the president and Chicago Mayor Rhamm Emmanuel? I'm eagerly awaiting the call to profile white males-particularly white males in the Chicago area. After seeing this awful act, it should be established in the American psyche that white males are potentially dangerous and predisposed to commits acts of terror-all sanctioned by the CIA, FBI, & homeland security. Just like African-Americans, Muslims, and people of Middle Eastern ethnicity, perhaps we should be more vigilant at airports & when boarding a plane with…white males.

    Just a thought.

  3. It doesnt even need to be a SHTF situation for bad things to happen in so called "good neighborhoods." Do a Google search for "Petit family murders in cheshire Connecticut." This HORRIBLE situation happened in a ritzy upscale neighborhood to a doctor and his family.....IT CAN HAPPEN ANYWHERE!!!!!

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