Thursday, March 21, 2013

Iceland Rules! Colorado Has Gone Mad!

By Reginald Kaigler (DEMCAD)

Iceland Rules

Ladies and gentlemen, this is how you do it?

Kaupthing chairman Sigurdur Einarsson and other executives at Kaupthing bank are being charged for manipulation conspiracies in Iceland. This is what we need to do in America? When an executive committs fraud, make him or her face the music.

Remember, when Congress insisted that we needed to bail out the bank or the sky would fall?

Well, Iceland told the bankers to screw off and they're doing better because of it.

Take note.

Icelandic bank Kaupthing's top executives indicted over market rigging


 In the week ending March 16, the seasonally adjusted initial claims was 336,000. So we have less people on unemployment benefits. Are move people working or are people simply running out of benefits?

Unemployment benefits drop

Assault Weapon Ban Dies

Apparently, Vice President Joe "The Fire Your Shotgun Out Your Window" Biden is still pushing for this ridiculous assault rifle ban. Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid is letting it die in the Senate, but let me remind you that the antiguns will never stop fighting to enslave us.

Biden Not Giving Up On Assault Weapons Ban

Speaking of guns, Colorado has lost its mind. The governor signed a law banning magazines with a capacity greater than 15, while setting up a registration and special background check for private sales.

Colorado Gov. Hickenlooper signs gun control package

The media highlighted that the urban police chiefs supposed the law. But as we all know, police chiefs are nothing more than politician lapdogs for this liberal mayors. Will voters punish Democrats in 2014?


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