Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Obama's Approval Rating Hit New Low and Why You Should Care

No surprise here, President Obama's approval rating have hit a new low. According to the Rasmussen Daily Presidential Tracking Poll, the Democratic president's approval rating has sunk to 45%.

27% of Americans strongly support Obama, while sizable 42% strongly opposes the president's performance. What this means is that the opposition is solidifying, while the base of support is stinking.

This shouldn't surprise any of us, given the fact that so many Americans have disapproved of Obama's policies while liking him personally. At some people, these people were going to have to face reality.

Obama has failed.

10 months after President Obama terrorized Americans by stating that if we didn't support his stimulus package, the current economic downturn would become a catastrophe, it has become painfully obvious to the majority of Americans that this president has failed to deliver on his promises. Despite the rhetoric about the so called economic recovery, the real economic indicators point to a depression. We now have over 35 millions people on food stamps, almost 1/5 of the population is effectively unemployed, the FDIC is 8 billion dollars in the hole and tax revenue is crashing on all levels of government.

I usually don't talk about approval ratings, but I now the time has come for us to watch closely, because I believe that when the strong majority (60%) of Americans catch on to the fact that Obama can't save us, civil unrest will ensue.

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