Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The Veterans Deserve Better

Let me just say that although I do not support the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, that does not mean that I do not support the men and women who fight for this country. These people have been asked to scarifice their bodies, marriages, relationships, mental health, emotional well-being and even their lives to fight wars that our government have unjustly caused.

My frustration begins and ends with the cowardly sociopaths in Washington who have sold the American people and its soldiers out for the interest of the elite.

The tragic shooting at Ft. Hood was devastating and stunning, but I will not pretend to know what was going through that man's mind when he was killing those soldiers. The only thing that i can say is that I appreciate everything that our soldiers have done for us. And I hope that some day we will elect leaders who care as more about the soldiers than their meaningless political careers.

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  1. yes demcad its good what you do mate iam from liverpool eingland and this blog page is a must have for evry person and thanks demcad for putting me intoch with this page ill leave more coments when i have read all and done what i have to do thanks again mate nevr stop what you are doing