Thursday, April 1, 2010

Larouche: British may Assassinate Obama

I'll admit that I have a passing fascination with Lyndon Larouche and his slightly creepy, if not entertaining, Larouche Youth. Larouche is a FDR style, pro-blue nuclear, anti-Obama, credit system loving, government interventionist who wants to impeach President Obama. But in his latest video, he is warning that Obama is not only being controlled by the British, but is possibly a target for assassination. Larouche believes that Obama is more use to the British dead than alive.

Does anyone take Lyndon Larouche seriously?

And do you think that President Obama could become a target?


  1. I don't know man, plenty of people don't like Obama, the same could be said about Bush, Harper or any political figure for that matter. I think Obama's life has been at risk since he took office or possibly sooner. Keep in mind that the Secret Service have been more bold than ever before.

    An example would be when Obama came to Ottawa, the Secret Service told CANADIAN citizens to stay off roofs and balconies near the perimeter of the House of Commons, they would "shoot on sight" bringing into play the shoot first ask questions later mentality. Even with Bullet Proof glass covering the opening to where Obama would come out of his limo and the fact that no roof or balcony is within range of most guns out there. It would take more than a .50 caliber to go the distance and beat the glass, then you have to consider accuracy after ricochet since the round would be going through high impact resistant glass.

    However Bush got out of a car in that same opening, no glass, no death threats to Canadians taking out their laundry....

    I think the Secret Service have information leading them to believe someone or something is out to get Obama.

  2. One thing that keeps begging an answer while watching this video is where the citations are for these claims?????