Monday, April 12, 2010

Polish President: Victim of Assassination or Pilot Incompetence

Let me see if I have this right. A Polish pilot is flying the President of Poland, the Polish Army chef, the head of the Polish National Bank and the entire Polish presidential government into Russia. The airport that he is targeting is covered in fog and it is impossible to land the plane. He is told to go to another airport and he has plenty of fuel, but he tries to land the plane, anyway. He fails to land the plane. What does he do? Does he head to the next airport? No! He tries to land the plane in the fog, again. But then, he fails again.

So what does he do next? He circles around the area and attempts to land the plane for the third time. And guess what? He can't land the plane. So at this point, it would be unimaginable that he would try again. But if you guessed that he would fly to the next airport, you would be wrong. The pilot makes a fourth and final attempt. The plane descends into the fog and arrives at its final millions of pieces. Everyone on board is killed and the Polish people are without a government. Either this man was the worse pilot in history or he was being forced to attempt that landing.

You decide!


  1. Wavicles.
    Light, for instance, radiates from source, as waves. And particles.
    So, while viewing the sun, stood on the same continent as another being, while it was veiwing the sun; would in that way connect us.
    Is there a kind of ritialistic connection with Ferdinand and this simular occurrance with the Polish non-royals ?.
    Is this the begining?.

  2. Particle science for me is a no,no.
    The basic point is globally sensed though. In, Out, on, off.
    0 and 1. Light and dark. Live and die.
    You could talk with an aquiatance and feel that you were superior. Perhaps notice an ant. Realize the vast probably dimensional differences between the both of you. The ant will have no ability to realise hat you exist or what you are.
    If things exist that are the equivelent to an ant and you.. but we are the ant. We would not even be capable of understanding that they existed

  3. That is the anatomy of a plane crash. It usually takes a series of mistakes for a pilot and a copilot to crash a plane. It seems from the reports that they were not communicating properly with the tower.

    As for the Russians deliberately crashing the plane, that is not easy to cover up. There are recordings of the tower traffic and they would have to round up all of the witnesses to that traffic to make sure that they all got their stories straight or that nobody in the investigation would meet anybody who would bear witness to what was actually said.

  4. Hey guys, do not be fool by the disinformation campain. Pilot attempt to land just ONE (1) time! There was not as bad weather as it has been provided in media otherwise he would not been approved to land.

    Imagine this was Air force One of Poland and the pilots were best of the best of the best and the plane itself was very good equiped with TAWS, radars and stuff like that.