Friday, June 4, 2010

May Job Numbers are Embarrassing!

Today, the Labor Department released its jobs report and frankly, it was embarrassing. Not only did it fall well below the expected 540,000 job mark, but virtually all of the 431,000 non-farm jobs created weren't even real jobs. The government claimed that that 431,000 new non-farm jobs were created, but 411,000 of these jobs were Census workers. These are temporary government jobs.

And this is after the government applied its bogus birth-death model that assumes jobs have been created with no proof whatsoever. And this number also includes private sector temporary and seasonal jobs. Not to mention the part-time jobs.

The celebrity and chief Barrack Obama took the stage as the head cheerleader by saying,

“We recognize our recovery is still in its early stages... Even if you put the temporary jobs aside, there’s no doubt that we saw another month of private sector job growth.”

The truth is becoming painfully obvious even to the most dim-witted among us. There are no jobs. Not only are the number of jobs declining, but the quality of jobs are declining. This is no recovery and the government has about as much credibility as British Petroleum.

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