Saturday, June 26, 2010

Why Blacks Support the Democratic Party!

Simply put, the perception in the black community is that "They are for us."

On June 18th, 2010, Republican blog site REDSTATE produced an entry entitled "Why Do Over 90% of Blacks Still Support Obama?" In this piece, the author (chicagobluesgirl) wrote about the black community's unwavering loyalty to the Democratic Party. Now as many of you know, black people have voted for the Democratic nominee with a vote of 85% or more in every election over the last four decades. Now why is that?

I was mentioned in this entry, so I felt that I needed to response. So I'm going to give you my opinion in the nicest way that I know how.

There are two reasons why black people don't vote Republican. but first you have to understand that the Republican Party is not a fiscally (or economically) conservative political organization. When the GOP controlled the white house and both chambers of Congress, they created (at the time) the greatest deficits in American history. They increased entitlements (e.g. Medicare Part D), recklessly drove spending and didn't bother to look for ways to actually pay for things.

So let it be known that the GOP is not a fiscally conservative party and therefore, when black people vote Democrat, they are not necessarily rejecting conservatism, they are rejecting the Republican Party.

Most black people that I have known view the GOP as a white's only, pro-rich political party for old, angry, white people who hate poor people (especially black people).

And frankly, the GOP does everything that it can to re-enforce that notion. Republicans don't bother to court African Americans, Asian Americans, Latinos (well, sometimes), young people, gays, Muslims or anybody who isn't white and over 40.

By the way, I'm a Libertarian who opposed the bailout, wants a smaller government, lower taxes and less spending. I should be the type of black guy that a competent right-wing political party attracts. But I'm not interested in the GOP. Culturally, I have nothing in common with the GOP. I don't hate gays. I don't want to continue the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. I don't buy into the Dick Cheney school of Neo-con, chicken-hawk rhetoric.

I'm pro-stem cell research and pro-gay marriage, so I would never fit in with the rabid pro-lifers who yell "Baby killer" outside of a clinic. (not that all pro-lifers are crazy people, but too many of them have a voice in the GOP.)

I'm pro-life, but many of these pro-life activists scare me.
You can be pro-life without yelling at people like a crazy person. And you don't need to bring your religion into every discussion. It's divisive and ineffective. I'm not religious and I'm pro-life.

I'm pro-gun rights, but I don't feel comfortable around the NRA types. It's weird. Is this fair? No, but I'm 28 year old black man and they are almost always white and over 50. I don't have a problem with whites or people who are over 50, but you have to admit that the lack of young people and minorities in the pro-gun crowd is a big problem.

The GOP has sent a clear message to non-whites and young people. They think that they can win with white suburbanites, but they're wrong. The Latino population is exploding, young whites are avoiding the GOP like the plague and there base is dying.

So why don't black people vote Republican? (and remember, i don't speak for all blacks)

1. The Republican is perceived as a racial threat. I suspect that many black people associate the Republican Party with racism. The GOP brand is caustic and the Republicans have done nothing to improve it. Selecting Michael Steele as RNC Chairman looked like a desperate political calculation.
2. Most black folks are socialized to view the government as the protector from threats (e.g. racism).
3. Most black people feel that the Democrats support them and that the DNC will use the government to help poor blacks and protect from them from threats.

Now, I admit that many blacks vote for Democrats because they want to continue to receive entitlements or they want the government to take care of family members. But most black people vote for Democrats because they have been socialize to believe that the Democratic Party is for the blacks, the poor and non-whites.

"They are for us."

The problem is that the GOP refuses to challenge the stereotype.

Frankly, the GOP is not a viable option for fiscal conservatives, it's going to take at least a decade to clean up the GOP brand and make the party competition in key minority groups. We need a fresh political party that can affect minorities now, so we can implement changes sooner rather than later. My guess is that the GOP will ignore blacks, gays, Muslims and other groups until it's too late.

Bottom line: Libertarians and conservatives shouldn't try to take over the pro-bailout GOP. They need to build a new organization. A pro-business, tax cutting, government shrinking, capitalist political party. Forgetting about bashing gays, ditch the religious right leaders and focus on the everyday issues.

How the GOP turn things around?

Stop bailing out the so called too-big-too-fail banks and corporations. There's no point in talking to people about conservatism if you're acting like a corporatist. Bailing out big banks does several things: establishes you as a thief who steals from the taxpayers to help criminals on Wall Street and a political hypocrite who doesn't want a free market.

When you gain control of Congress, at least pretend as if you are a fiscal conservative party by cutting the spending and/or lowering taxes.

We can't afford them. Hello?

Run local candidates in poor black cities and challenge the lazy, useless political hacks of the leftist machine. Even if you lose, it will show that you care about the black vote. This will help change people's views. And don't be afraid to use races in Detroit and Atlanta to train your candidates. Yes, if you use a young white candidate to run in Detroit, he or she will be a stronger candidate even if he or she losses. Use these races to kill two birds with one stone. Train the candidate and spread awareness. if the mayoral candidate losses the race 70% to 30%, that increases the GOP potential in the next presidential election. Instead of the GOP presidential losing 95% to 5%, he or she may score 15 to 30% of the vote because of the mayoral candidate. This may help the Presidential candidate win the state.

In 2004, Kerry beat Bush 51% to 47%. In Wayne County, Kerry won 600,047 votes to Bush's 257,750 votes. If he didn't get beat so badly in the black category, he would have won this blue state. This will be an issue for other Republicans.

But hey...continue with the white suburbia/rural strategy and see what happens. This country isn't getting any whiter (or younger).

Use affirmative action and welfare spending to show how pro-big government politicians use entitlements and special programs to increase black people's dependence on government.

It's simple, the message should point out the fact that they want to enslave us and you will help set us free. Talk about independence, equality and entrepreneurship.


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