Thursday, August 19, 2010

MEDIA TARGET: The Unemployed

By Reginald Kaigler.

Last week (ending August 14), more than 500,000 people file for unemployment benefits for the first time. And to pour salt on the wound, Fox News' Glenn Beck goes on air and dumps on the 99ers (people who have been on unemployment for 99 weeks).

Glenn declares,

"Don't spend your remaining money on travel to get to a protest,"

By the way, this is real reason why he's on air. He's trying to quiet the angry mob. He doesn't want you to protest.

"Go out and get a job. You may not want the job. Work at McDonald's. Work two jobs. There has been plenty of times in my life I've done jobs I hated, but I had no choice. Two years is plenty of time to have lived off your neighbor's wallet."

NEWSFLASH: Asshole, you can't survive off of 7 bucks an hour. People have kids. Even people will crappy jobs are refusing to quit.

His vitriolic rant shows just how ignorant these government puppets in the media really are. Now, I know that unemployment benefits must end, but let's be honest, if it weren't for these people paying income taxes, property taxes, fines, fess, registration fees and much more, this federal government wouldn't have a enough cash to live in a cardbox.

Who the hell paid for those unnecessary wars in Iraq and Afghanistan?! Who paid taxes for decades so that the low-lifes in Washington could bail the Wall Street crooks out after they screwed the economy?! Who's been feeding the reckless Federal Reserve money for decades?!

Isn't it amazing how these cowards beat up on the people, but never stand up to the real threat. Oh well, it doesn't matter. It's time for Obama to go on another vacation. Enjoy Martha Vineyard!


  1. Just another reminder that we're in this mess because the media (does Glenn Beck count?) isn't any more concerned about discussing real ideas than the politicians are.

  2. Reg,
    Your right about Beck,I see he paints a broad brush then moralizes. I have not watched him for a while now, and am beginning to actually DISlike him. That said, unemployement cannot get down to normal levels (4-5%) until government reach and cost goes way down, or we have a draft. So a draft is coming next, in my humble opinion. If out of control government cannot get "money" and it still seeks more will start getting "time" through involuntary servitude.

  3. I'm a realist. A 3rd party is not an option. At least, not in the timeframe we need. Had a 3rd party entered back in Kennedy times or at the latest Reagan's days, we may have enough 3rd party members in office to sway a vote. At this point, we need real change and a 3rd party would be like a house fly buzzing around. Annoying other members, but ineffective when the votes are tallied. Then, to get anything they want accomplished, they would have to do exactly what the other parties currently do. Back office deals, handshakes and promises. The real option is to change the members we send. If you are conservative, vote conservative republicans into office, hold them to their promises and either re-elect or vote someone else in. If you are liberal... well, then you aren't very bright and probably shouldn't be allowed to drive, let alone vote. j/k

  4. I will not vote R or D unless Ron Paul is the front runner. Too many people are fed up and will do exactly as I just stated next election there will be a flood of third party candidates and I. All I can say is if you are fed up with this travesty it is your responsibility to do something about it by voting their ass on to the streets.

  5. DC watching the news and what is our government concerned with prosecuting baseball players for lieing to congress about their use of performance enhancing drugs? CAN you say WTF! WTFCares if these dopes used them it is a sport and it is their bodies. We have far more important things to do with money than that. Clearly congress has their head up their ass we have people killing themselves because they are starving to death and the government wants to spend money to chase this WTF WTF WTMF.(drinking with bob)