Saturday, August 14, 2010

Reginald Kaigler Answers Political Questions

In my last blog, I addressed some common questions asked of me. I decided to continue the Q&A by focusing on politics.

Are you a Republican or a Democrat?

I no longer have any confidence in either political party. Culturally, the parties differ, but on the economic, foreign policy and civil liberty issues, they same pretty much the same.

Why do you hate Obama?

I don't hate Obama. He's a puppet for the corporate International elite. His foreign policy and economic strategies are very similar to those of George W. Bush.

How do you feel about Bush?

He lied and misled the American people into two unnecessary wars, created record deficits, signed the unconstitutional Patriot Act and helped destroy our economy.

Who did you vote for in 2000, 2004 and 2008?

Unfortunately, I voted for John McCain in 2008, but I doubt he would have been much better than Obama. I only voted for McCain, because he had more practical experience and would have had a more limited ability to harm the economy. But I think he would have been a disaster, too. Maybe less of a disaster than Obama in terms of the economy, but more of one in terms of foreign policy. Who knows?

I didn't even vote in 2000 and 2004. I voted for Independents, Republicans, Democrats, American Taxpayer Party and Libertarian candidates in 2006 and 2008. This year, I may not vote at all. I've given up on Democrats and Republicans.

Do you support Ron Paul?

Well, I certainly agree with Ron Paul on 95% of the issues, but I have my reservations about his ties to some questionable organizations. Nevertheless, I support his message of fiscal responsibility and auditing the Federal Reserve.

Do you get into a lot of trouble criticizing Obama in your hometown of Flint, MI?

Not really, I doubt that most black people in my town would even consider watching a libertarian youtube channel.

Why do so many black people support Obama?

He's a democrat and he's black. Most blacks are economically liberal in a sense that they believe that government can solve most of societies social problems. So virtually all blacks consistently support Democrats and since Obama has dark skin, voting and supporting him appeals to people's ego. I could ask why do so many Southern whites support Republicans.

Whether you are white or black or whatever, most people support Republicans and Democrats for irrational reasons. Because when it comes to the most important issues, both parties are pro-big government, fiscally irresponsible, anti-civil liberties and chicken hawks on foreign policy.

Here's a question, why do so many white people who supported Bush oppose Obama when their economic and foreign policies were so similar?

How do you feel about abortion?

I'm not one of those crazies who yell "Baby killer!" But I think human rights begin at conception. Replacing the world 'baby' with 'fetus' doesn't change the fact that it is a human being. Should a woman have the right to choice? Not if it's at the cost of another person's life. Some people ask me what should happen if a woman is raped. 'Should she have to look at the face of her rapist?' Well, I can't image going through such a nightmare, but ending the baby's life isn't going to change what happened. The best option maybe to give the child up for adoption.

Are you gay?

I'm a straight man who strongly supports gay rights.

Why are you so critical of women?

I'm critical of the institution of marriage and how it is used to punish men. I've done many videos on this. I don't attack women, I attack the system.

Why did you leave Alaska?

I didn't want my family to have to deal with the collapse on their own. Plus, I couldn't fight a job that paid enough to justify staying in Alaska.

Do you miss Alaska?

My time in Alaska was the best time of my life. Alaska is amazing.


  1. Its great to see you understand the prolife issue. It amazes me how these people say that in the case of rape or incest. Why is it the fault of the baby? And like you said there is always adoption.

  2. Hi demcad, I have some questions for you.

    Q1: Do you know that on a libertarian system, people have liberty to discriminate others from entering into theirs commercial estabilishments? = libertarian private property

    Eg: a homofobic guy can deny to a gay from entering into his restaurant for buying food.

    Q2: Do you know that on a libertarian system everything would be privatized, including streets, spaces, polices, justice, etc?

    Q3: Do you know that on a libertarian system people can make threats to others without being punished or investigated?

    Eg: A rich man who is the owner of a big company and holds the biggest security at a specific region (let's suppose he is also a homofobic), he has complete liberty to threat every of his neighbours who live around his space to behave themselves like homofobics too and so, to deny rights for gays/lesbians from entering into their estabilishments.

    Q4: Did you know that on a libertarian system people are free to form guerrila warfare and, in the beginning while they don't kill anyone yet, they are not going to be stopped in anyway?

    Eg: A trrrorist organization could form a guerrilla warfare on a specific region and, when they feel they have enough power to attack, it may be too late to try to stop them (if it ever gonna happen!). Then they start hunting people who are not part of their groups...

    Think a about it. :)