Monday, August 9, 2010

Gulf Oil whistle blower Matt Simmons found dead

Oil Industry whistle blower Matt Simmons was found dead today. For those of you who have been following the Gulf Oil spill closesly through alternative news sources, you know Simmons as an staunch opponent of BP's handling of the oil crisis. Matt Simmons became an advert supporter of the Peak Oil theory after decades of handling investments for the oil industry. His claims that BP and the government were engaged in a conspiracy sent shock waves throughout the world.

You can click on the mp3 link below and listen to his disturbing warning about the Gulf of Mexico. Right now, I'm stunned by his death. But given his claims about the government and BP, I really shouldn't be.

Rest in Peace, Matt Simmons.

Thank you for speaking out.


  1. Too bad you can't prove that it was. Otherwise this would just destroy conspiracy skeptics. Good thing there isn't too many sites focusing on the 'false flag' aspect.
    Live free or rathr Die

  2. We were looking to do a project with Matt. He wanted our machine to include in the project on the northeast coast. If someone knows we need a replacement for gas and diesel get in contact with If we can get some machines out in demos it will go a long way to getting rid of our dependence on oil and coal.