Thursday, September 2, 2010

Glenn Beck Kills the Tea Party?

Fox News host (and veteran Republican disinformation specialist) Glenn Beck rallied over 300,000 Teapartyers in Washington D.C. this week, an event which represented the death certificate of the Tea Party Movement. If ever there was a 'Jump the Shark' moment for a political movement, it was when Glenn Beck (a man who consistently divides people) teamed up with Sarah Palin (the former VP candidate who can't name one U.S. Supreme Court decision on national TV) to lead the Tea Party. Put a fork in it folks, the Tea Party Movement is done. Well Done. The establishment has successful infiltrated and disarmed polency of the movement by turning it into a Republican prep rally.

It's sad to see some many people tricked, but it's nothing new in America. I respect what the Tea Party used to represent. I respect what the activists tried to do, but I think it's over. You can't have a man who attacks unemployed Americans as the standard bearer for your movement. Beck's language is caustic and divisive. He mixes lies with the truth and exploits viewers' fears. This is not the type of leader this nation needs. Now, I understand that there are many non-Beck Tea Party activists across the country, but the movement has failed to rid itself of the GOP. The movement needed to protest the GOP in a grand fashion to prevent the Republicans from taking over.

So am I off target with my declaration that the Tea Party is dead?


  1. Glenn Beck is more than just a sellout or a phony, he's a trojan horse.

    That rally was about sending the message that it's "conservative" to want to rewrite the Constitution so it endorses Christianity. No wonder he didn't want it to be a tea party rally. It's all about bringing the tea party back to the Republican party and endorsing big government as long as it's Republican government.

  2. I do not understand what "Jump the shark" means. I will say that it is a two party system because it is how the money goes. Of course the movement has been hijacked. The tea party has not declared its principles other than taxes are too high.

  3. Jump the Shark: I think he means this tea party thing has reached its apex.

    Demcad, might want to check this out. Recent podcasts are related to some things you've been discussing lately.

  4. I don't think this way, I think Glenn Beck, Sarah Palin, and many others would like the same goals as the tea party. While the rally included many tea party people, I do not think it was labeled as a tea party event. I believe that the tea party is still alive, I don't care who wants to talk or rally folks the messages are about the same (less government, less spending, return to the constitution). If you are looking for a party the republicans are closer, however it is really about finding people with the same beliefs to represent us best.

  5. I think Uber hit the nail on the head. Glenn Beck is a lapdog of the elite, a Trojan Horse, in the parlance of us conspiracy theorists, he is "controlled opposition", meant to direct the energy of the disgruntled conservatives of America into a false paradigm of political relevance. His assigned mission especially is to direct those who might become aware of the conspiracy away from the truth, particularly in regards to 9/11.