Thursday, September 30, 2010

What Meijer Did To Me?

I can't believe what happened to me yesterday. I've been shopping at Meijer for almost 20 years. So when I applied for several of their positions, I was stunned to receive an outrageous telephone call from a team leader. First, she asked me if I were still seeking employment? "Yes, I am." Then she asked me about my skills. And I told her about my sales experience, clothing retail experience and loading experience. So she acted me which position I would be best suited for?

Essentially, I had to guess which position they had available. But their website has several positions open. Well, I guessed incorrectly and she abruptly hung up. When it this behavior become acceptable in America?

If you are an employer, you should call a potential employee when you are sure that you have a job that they expressed interest in. If I applied for several positions, obviously I was interested. You don't humiliate people by forcing them to guess which position you are looking for. Well, not until your Meijer. Maybe this a prank call. But that doesn't make any sense.

What's happening is obvious. The job market is deteriorating and employers have the upper hand.


  1. 1st of all you need to go in person and introduce yourself. Also, as a larger guy I find that I am at the back of the line.

    I did sign up for the food thing Don Harold is doing and I am getting a good response. Best part is that we are getting the pantry stocked. We have seen the writing on the wall for quite a while.

    Seriously you should sign up for the sundance global and use your viewers to help make a living while making sure they have food to eat when TSHTF.

    You are looking for something you believe in then there you go.

    Also, I tried to send you a message a while back when you did your kick video. I have a digital copy of P90X and was willing to mail you a copy of Kenpo Cardio X if you want to try it. It is a great workout.


  2. I've been in the store and attempted to speak with managers. It doesn't work.

  3. Reginald, this is what everyone has been talking about. They're talking about us being out of a recession when this is going down?? Really? Wow, and good people like you have been unemployed for a YEAR.

  4. Reginald, I'll send you those workout videos if you like. You need to get in better shape to get a job these days. I experienced the fat guy effect and in today's market you either have to be currently employed or in shape. It is a fact of today. I'll send you these just to be a nice guy to help you out. Just say the word. Scott

  5. Reginald I don't have any suggestions for you on how you could have handled it because you are right, they were totally unprofessional and disrespectful. What I can say is that I just went through another very disrespectful and rather upsetting incident with a potential employer. The employer essentially called me to offer me the job. I explained to the employer that I was currently contracting and that I would need to give notice. I gave this employer a verbal acceptance of the offer. He said if I could start a week sooner than what we had originally discussed. I told them that I would need to tell my current employer. Then they sent me a physical offer letter via email. Along with paperwork which I was to sign and bring in on my first day of work. Sooo....two hours later, after i gave my current employer notice that I was going to quit, they call me back that there was a "new development" in the offer and that someone else that was supposed to approve the offer hadn't approved it. So essentially I am not out of my contract job and have no solid job offer from this very disrespectful employer. I was really really upset. I don't know why these employers feel like they can just treat you like a piece of garbage with no feelings.

  6. I would have went up that store and found her. Then shoved a pie in her face. A pie from the store that I would not have bought. Bitch.

  7. I tried to leave you comments on youtube but I'm not sure if they posted. First of all I feel disrespected. If you have been out of work for a year take off your damn shirt if you're going to trash a company, don't wear our shirt and do it. Second, you have never worked for Meijer and honestly I find you to be more of a Wal-mart employee. You are a smart man who holds degrees, great. You have unloading experience, great, you would make the perfect RECIEVING team member. From previous experience usually department heads call for their departments. So if the grocery head called you and you said im looking for general merchandise there isn't much that person can do for you and she ain't got time to talk to you. If you need a job that bad a simple statement of "any position" would have been valid. To overall correct this situation I suggest you visit the store and talk to the "director" about open positions. That way you would be helping out yourself and the employer not dissing people and costing business. I do recommend that after you do this you post another video of the situation to follow up and correct this one. One last thing when you talk you sound like a total douche bag. I'm just telling you this to help you out.

  8. Hey bob I am that bitch would you come shove a pie in my face? 419-612-9259 Seriously...

  9. That sucks. From my experience, a lot of the Meier employers are very unprofessional, and then again some are very professional and respect their employees knowing that most if not all of them are also customers. I worked there for almost a year as a bagger (cart pusher), tried to move my way up to electronics department, eventually I got a chance to when I talked to one of my bosses. She said one of my coworkers is also interested in that position, and that she'd set up interviews for both of us with the department lead. Well guess what, interview never happened, I had to pry at multiple people to get info on what was going on, and I eventually got to talk to the boss I talked to previously about the position, she gave me the answer of "Well, she's going to school for that sort of stuff so I went ahead and put her back there. If a spot becomes available, we'll consider you". I was angry, as I knew better than that. I went to the same school as her, and she was taking a class for media production, in other words editing video, audio, making films, etc... nothing that would significantly make her more favorable for the position. Just because I wasn't taking a class that dealt with electronics doesn't mean I automatically get tossed aside. When on the contrary, I work on computers as a hobby, and take college classes that deal with scanning, editing and printing photos, learning about digital cameras, and such, also that I'm a gamer. I thought that job would be perfect for me, but I got shut out and was given too many run-arounds trying to just earn a higher pay than minimum wage pushing carts around a parking lot in Ohio weather. Other bad experiences I had were with other employees, team leaders and others who were in a higher position, many acting rude, disrespectful, over-dramatic and unfair (such as keeping another bagger who came in early and asked to stay inside to do cleaning while it was a smoldering 98 degrees outside with a large thunderstorm on the way). All in all I've grown to hate that store in less than a years time, when I and my parents have shopped there since 1993. IMHO, the who employment / employer system needs a thorough revamp.