Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Williams: Hyperinflation in 6 to 9 Months!

Six to nine months! That's how long we have until the sky falls (on the U.S. dollar). That's the latest forecast from creator John Williams. John draws parallels between the hyperinflationary holocaust of the Weimar Republic and the United States current monetary insanity. The Federal Reserve is in a position where if it rises interest raises, the economy grind to a halt. They have already produced so much currency that the U.S. government will have no realistic means of paying the debt back. Obama's stimulus package didn't jumpstart the economy. The trillions in bailout money has yet to enter the market aside from the banks. Essentially, they've been hiding it. So when the currencies hit main street, the value of the dollar will sink The Federal Reserve has a crazed determination to prevent deflation at all costs. I'm guessing that they'll success very soon.

John's Report

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