Monday, November 21, 2011

America's Collapse in Three Stories!

By Reginald Kaigler (DEMCAD)

The United States is collapsing. It's economic system is unsustainable and unraveling. It's political system has been corrupted to the core. It's culture has decayed into a cesspool of greed, narcissism and cruelty. The America that the babyboomers grew up in is dead. The empire is dying. Many people have asked me over the years, why I foresee such a dark future for America. Simply put, that future is coming to past.

Let me point out three stories. Three pictures that will provide you with a three dimensional view of America. Something that many of us have ignored.

The Rising Poverty
Data released from a recent Census Bureau report shows that as of 2007, 100 million Americans were either poor or near poor. What this means is that one third of the population earned a measly 150% of the poverty income or less. Most of the 51 million Americans who are counted as the "Near Poor" are only out of the official poverty level because they are being assisted by the government in some form.

Demographically, they look more like “The Brady Bunch” than “The Wire.” Half live in households headed by a married couple; 49 percent live in the suburbs. Nearly half are non-Hispanic white, 18 percent are black and 26 percent are Latino. Source: The New York Times

The Shrinking Middle Class
A Stanford University study showed that the number of middle class areas have been shrinking in the last four decades. In 1970, 65% of Americans lived in middle class areas. In 2007, it was only 44%. And that's before the financial crisis in late 2008 and the massive layoffs in 2009.

Wall Street Takeover
Not only did Goldman Sachs, Bank of America, JP Morgan Chase, and the other zombie banks use their bribe money to get the corrupt politicians in Washington to steal taxpayer money for a bailout, but they managed to do it without any significant punishment. Goldman Sachs has already been busted for ripping their other clients off when they created a bunch of junk derivatives, sold to their clients and then beat against the crap they sold to their clients. But apparently, these Wall Street types can outright steal and no one goes to jail. Former New Jersey Governor Jon Corzine ran brokerage firm MF Global into the ground. Initially, it was thought that $600 million dollars of their clients money had disappeared. Well, now that number maybe as closer to $1.2 billion. Let me ask you one question, why hasn't anyone arrested Jon Corzine. While the NYPD is busy beating up college kids protesting the Wall Street street bankers, the real criminals are running wild.

Corrupt politicians, immune Wall Street criminals and a shrinking middle class. it's really simply, America is collapsing because the things that once made it great are no longer present. The criminals are running the country and making most of the American people poorer. They are literally stealing our future from us.

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