Tuesday, November 29, 2011

ASK DEMCAD: The Future

A Question from an Italian viewer:

"I am an Italian boy and as you know the economic crisis is hitting us hard! then the volcanoes, solar storms, earthquakes, etc. ... like you I am preparing to soppravivenza with stocks, bob! Unfortunately in my country do not see the dark times that are approaching, so I am alone, and not have anyone to discuss it here! wanted to ask you what you think of the future that approaches what what more could you think and prepare!"

First, thank you for writing to me. Regarding your question, I think things are going to change in so many ways that you won't be able to see most of it coming. Gerald Celente talks about a trend called "Do it yourself!" it always amazed me how little parents prepared for parenthood. The people having the most kids have the fewest to offer. You never see people preparing on any level. If I was expecting a child, I would at least brush up on my spelling and math skills. If I couldn't spell the word "utility" or "brush", I would want to read up. I've seen kids who can spell better than their parents. If I were expecting a daughter, I would learn how to do a girl's hair. In the future, we maybe forced to do more things on our own. We'll have to repair our our dryer. So I'm forcing more on knowledge and learning skills. That will be more important in every nation.

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