Monday, November 7, 2011

Bugging out to a Lakefront Cabin?

By Reginald Kaigler (DEMCAD)

As many of you know. I've been preparing for what I think is the inevitable collapse of the American empire for ther last three years. While doing so, I have explored the notion of bugging out (leaving your primary home to escape to a rural location in times of social unrest and/or disaster), but I given my limited resources and lack of location, I don't think it's going to be realistic for me to bug out. SO I've been planning on hunkering down at my current urban location. Although, Flint, Michigan is the most violent city in America, I still know more about the terrain and environment than any other location.

And in a SHTF (shit hits the fan) situation, that will be important. I recent joined a friend on a trip up north to Rural Michigan. We stayed at a cabin on a lakefront property and let me tell you that I wasn't comfortable with the number of cabins in the area. I counted at least 10 cabins near the lake and wondered if this would be a good place to bug out to. If there was a SHTF situation, everyone and there family would flock to these cabins.

Sure, there would be plenty of food to fish, but with this many people, you would be faced with many of the same problems that you would dealing with the the city. The difference is that you would have more food, but have less access to hospitals and other structures. I've lived in rural areas and I understand the trade off.

Just as cities vary, not all rural areas are the same. but generally, you get a social trade off. These areas are great for married couples and retired people, but not ideal for a single guy who wants to find hot single ladies. Nevertheless, in a SHTF situation, that will not be a high priority. I think it makes better since to pay some state land 40 miles away from a sizable city with plenty of amenities and a good trauma center. Set up a well pump and hunt deer. That way you will be able to eat and not worry about your countless unknown neighbors. If it's a waterfront property, you will be dealing with strangers who are related to your neighbors.

If I do go to a rural location, it wouldn't be on lakefront property, because those areas would get flooded with (a lot of them city folks) people and that would feat the purpose on being there in the first place. I would rather stay at home whether I know the environment and people.