Friday, October 1, 2010

Why Amnesty for Illegals is a BAD IDEA!

Owner of News Corp. (and Fox News News) Rupert Murdock spoke out about illegal immigration by declaring his support for "law abiding illegal immigrants." What the hell is a law abiding illegal immigrant? Talk about oxymoron. Murdock believes that we should provide amnesty to illegals living in America to boast our tax base. Really? So what about the millions of illegals who use government resources like welfare, food stamps and health care programs.

A study by the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) estimates that illegal immigration costs taxpayers at least $113 billion a year. Now, we already collect sales taxes from illegal immigrants. If they were legal, they would be able to buy houses and that would provide a boast to housing and offer more property taxes to local governments. So he is right about an increase in revenue, but what he fails to calculate is the cost of anmensty. If the illegals became legal, they would have greater access to our entitlement systems and increase the drain on the systems.

They would also represent an economic threat to working class blacks and whites. They will force the wages even lower and provide a big increase int he SUPPLY of workers. The problem that America faces is a DEFICIT in jobs. We have more workers than jobs. So why would you supply more workers (who can work legally) when you already have more workers than jobs?

Imagine the economic impact of amnesty.

Boast to Housing
More Property tax revenue for local governments.
Illegal immigrants can be united with family

Greater drain on Medicare/Medicaid
Greater drain on food stamps/welfare
Higher deficit in jobs
Loss of tax money from working class citizens (who lose their job to the amnesty worker who will work for less)

FAIR study

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  1. This old man is full of bs. No one's going to listen to an old white man who wants to legal abide immigrants. How about what Obama is going to do to keep them out?