Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Gulf Oil Cover Up! Mass Evacuations?! Matt Simmons' Claims

Matt Simmons, Founder and Chairman of The Ocean Energy Institute, went on air and didn't hold back. He pointed out that it wasn't the well we should be worried about, it's the hole created by the drill that matters. It's at least one mile into the ocean floor. The pressure test is reading the gas pressure that was trapped in the well.

Simmons says that the initial fire was not a rig fire, because the amount of oil needed to justify the scale of fire was too big to be a rig fire.

"...the Gulf of Mexico was on fire. Why are they saying this? For two days, they kept saying that it was a rig fire and when it sunk, they could not longer say it was a rig fire, so they said it was a riser leak."

Why would they say such a thing?

Matt Simmons sums it up. "Because if they said the truth, they would all go to jail."

Let's look at the facts,

1. BP knew that it had a problem with one of the safety devices on the well.
2. BP chief Tony Hayward sold shares weeks before oil spill
3. After the explosion, the Coast Guard and BP official have been working together to enforce a media blackout.
4. BP lied about the amount of oil leaking into the Gulf.
BP Manager Robert Kaluza pledged the 5th when summoned to testify.
5. BP Manager Donald Vidrine claimed that he was sick.
6. The third day of testimony was canceled.

Something stinks!

Simmons claims that BP has essentially destroyed the Gulf of Mexico and that if there is a hurricane, we'll have to evacuate millions of people from the Gulf area. I hope he's wrong, because if he isn't, you can kiss what is left of the economy goodbye.

If this is true, would you open your door to a stranger?

BP testimony: Officials knew of key safety problem on rig

BP chief Tony Hayward sold shares weeks before oil spill"

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