Monday, July 19, 2010

Seep Could Spell Trouble for Gulf!

So it looks like BP has detected leakage near the oil spill site just three days after they supposedly plugged the hole. This means that the oil well itself maybe dysfunctional. It's very possible that Matt Simmons was right and that the wall of the well has been compromised. Simmons argued that the oil spill site was too small to explain the large amount of oil leaking into the Gulf of Mexico. Simmons is the founder and chairman emeritus of Simmons & Company International. He's also an advocate of the Peak Oil theory. Whether you believe in Peak Oil or not, the facts about this well are hard to ignore. The pressure is the well is not as high as it should be and there is something wrong with the well. It the oil well is damaged, BP's options could be very limited. The problem with a damaged well is that once you have a crack at those extreme depths, the pressure will expand the crack and make the leak worse by the day.

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  1. You were right on July 03, the sea floor is now cracked open and a huge amount of oil is seeping out. The government is trying desperately to control information and has pretty much given up trying to control the leak. This whole drama of trying to put a couple caps, at first failing and now appearing to succeed, two relief wells being drilled etc. are just ploys to let as much oil seep out as possible. When most of the oil is out, we will be fed the grand spectacle of Obama's victory over BP and how his relentless efforts forced BP to act. All in time for November.