Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Oil Spil: High Pressure v. Low Pressure

Despite a less noticeable presence in the mainstream media, the BP Oil Spill situation has not improved. BP has placed a new top on the spill area. No, they have not closed the leak, but they are preparing to test the pressure of oil coming out of the top sometime today. Actually, they were supposed to do it on Monday, but they backed off. Now why do they need to conduct a test? Well, in order to acquire a gasp on this situation, BP needs to know whether or the oil well (that's buried in the seafloor) is stable. If the pressure is high, that means that the well is holding up. If it is low, the well is probably compromised and there is oil leaking from the seafloor. If the latter is case, we're in big trouble.

Frankly, I think that will be the point where the nuclear option might not seem so crazy to some people.

BP Pressure Test for Oil Leak Delay

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