Tuesday, July 20, 2010

I think Matt Simmons is Right?

I've been following this oil spill situation for months, taking information from various experts (such as Matt Simmons), the mainstream media, the alternative media, the government and BP. So here's how I see the situation in the Gulf of Mexico. The government's severe media blackout and BP disturbing record of deception can not be isolated phenomenon. I believe that the government and BP are using the Coast Guard and various bullying tactics to something up. It's the only explanation that makes sense.

The oil site(s) is compromised. Either the oil well itself is compromised or the drill has created an opening in the earth that is leaking oil and other substances. When Matt Simmons said that there must a secondary location, I think he was right. I think they're burning oil at the unofficial oil leak site. This could an area where the seafloor is erupting with oil.

At this point, the media black out has forced me to speculate on the situation, so I can only speak as a man with an opinion, but the facts of the case indicated that there is something to hide.


  1. My only point of disagreement is your speculation about oil being burnt. BP or the US govt. will never allow this oil to surface where the true extent of the spill can be captured by planes and satellites. They will spray as much dispersant as possible for as long as necessary to keep most of the oil mixed with the water, where it will continue to kill marine life for several decades.