Thursday, February 11, 2010

BIG DEAL ---> Iran

If turns out that Iran's big announcement -- a so-called blow to global powers -- was a complete BUST! While marking the 31st anniversary of the Islamic Revolution, President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad boasted that Iran had produced its first consignment of 20 per cent enriched uranium.

BIG DEAL. We knew that Iran was heading in that direction. I expected something bigger and better....worse. I expected a game-changer.

This does nothing but increase the likelihood that Israel will end up attacking Iran. If Israel looks to stop Iran, they'll have to do it soon. I hope it never happens, but it does....

Oh well, in other news. I had my first job interview since being back in Flint and was invited for a second round.



  1. The announcement was exactly what I thought it probably would be. I mean honestly Iran isn't going to do something really stupid right now when it has no collateral (no arsenal of nuclear warheads). Ahmadinejad is almost comedian with some of the stuff he says over the years.

    What kind of job requires a 2nd interview? Usually jobs that have a 2nd interview do it out of procedure if its like a fortune 500 or government job and not because you really have a much higher chance of getting it after the 2nd interview than the 1st.

  2. I had a standard interview. Now, i must go for an assistant manger's interview.

  3. Ahh yeah assistant manager or manager and training type jobs usually have more than one interview as standard procedure. I know when I applied for the manager in training (where they start you up from the ground up) for hertz, penske, and another place they all had like 2 to 5 interviews you had to go through before you could even have a chance to be hired.