Monday, February 1, 2010

Deficit: UP and away it Goes!

President Obama has just submitted a budget that will blossom to $1.6 trillion. Yep! Why not?! If we're headed to hyperinflation, why not make it the greatest hyper-inflationary depression that we can produce. if we try hard enough, we maybe able to beat Zimbabwe.

The teleprompter-in-chief unveiled a $3.8 trillion annual budget.

Anybody jumping into the dollar?!


  1. Don't worry about inflation. We aren't going to experience that. Check out whats happening the last month, Oil, Gold, and STocks have been dropping like crazy. Dollar is rebounding. Hmmm where is the inflation? Rates are tamer than they were a year and half ago? Weren't we supposed to already have high inflation by now according to celente and schiff?

  2. The government is printing money like mad while banks and other organizations are gathering cash to fill the moon craters in their balance sheets. Inflation is coming.

    When you make a prediction, you can predict what will happen, but unless you can tie the prediction to an event that is occurring at a particular time you cannot predict when it will happen nor can you predict just how bad it will be. As a general rule, predictions occur after the predicted time frame and are worst than what was predicted. This is in part due to the feckless attempts that only delay the inevitable while making the final result worse.