Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Why are there so many pigeons?

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Ponzi fever has swept the nation. 60 minutes asked, "Why are there so many pigeons?"

Well, the reason why there are so many gullible suckers in America is because Americans have been taught to expect things to come easily.

Simply put, Americans are taught to believe, not think.


  1. I used to be very active in the online Ponzi scheme industry (not running them) and you wouldn't believe how many people were gullible. Some were flat out told it was a scam and it was pretty damn obvious it was a scam yet they invested anyways. Im talking about people who were young and old, christian or nonchristian. Many even used God to swindle people.

  2. The biggest Ponzi scheme is social security and medicare. Look at how many people there are who want to continue the programs long enough for them to squeeze through. I am approaching that age and I say end it.