Saturday, February 20, 2010

Joe Stack's ATTACK on the IRS!

Here's my take on Joe Stack.

This guy was probably an average joe who was fed up with the federal government using tax code to go after him while it bailed out Wall Street criminals who helped ruin his career. Simply put, I think he snapped! No government conspiracy. Just a man who was mad as hell.

Why do I think that it wasn't a government conspiracy?

Two Reasons:

1) There wasn't a fall guy (i.e. a Tea Party member)
2) The media isn't hyping it up!

I highly recommend that you read Joe's letter, because I think that there are a LOT of people who feel the same and this could be a sign of more to come.

You can find Joe Stack's letter right here.


  1. I agree. He'd lost everything. Unfortunately, there will probably be more who "snap" as the IRS is given more and more control over our lives.

    Just imagine what it might be like if the IRS gets to control all of our financial lives under the umbrella of "health care".

  2. Hey definitely not a false flag... the msm got done talking about it about an hour after it happened. Just goes to the point if it doesn't serve some purpose it's not going to get reported. Where's the lifetime movie? Where the hounding of his family trying to get interviews... where's the in depth profiling and line by line, word by word discussions of his suicide note.

    They don't want to glorify anyone fighting the machine. His cause was righteous and therefore ignored.