Sunday, May 30, 2010

BP Makes Oil Crisis Worse!

What happens when the solution is worse than the problem? Since oil eruption in the Gulf of Mexico began over a month ago, I've heard ideas ranging from cool to crazy. The plan to blow the hole up with a nuclear bomb strikes me as being closer to the latter. Not only has BP's latest attempts to seal the leak have failed, but it looks like their actions may have increased the rate of oil flow by 20%.

Now some people have said that this crisis is not worse than the Mexico's Ixtoc 1 disaster three decades ago. Forgive me, but I don't share that point of view.



  1. Well lxtoc was 10 times bigger than this spill yet there was no end of the world scenario or devastation in the gulf when that happened so Im a bit skeptical of how severe this thing will be when its so much smaller.

    I think if this thing keeps leaking for the next 2 months it will be much worse but if they plug this thing completely in the next 5 days then they will be able to clean up all the oil before it gets so bad that it decimates the entire gulf coast.