Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Prepare for the Collapse with $1,000?

Youtube viewer “theeastwatch” asked one of the most intriguing and challenging questions I’ve ever heard. He wrote,"If you have $1000 saved up, and figure the shit is going to hit the fan in the very near future, how should you spend that money?"

Well, there are three components that you’ll have to cover immediately: Food, Water and Protection. Actually, you’ll have to cover more, but let's start here.

• SKS ($300)
The rifle is chambered for the 7.62 mm cartridge which it takes from a 10 round box
240 Rounds of Wolf® 7.62x39 mm Ammo. ($60)

Total: $360

• Two 50 pound bags of rice ($60)
20 - 1 Gallon (10"x14") Mylar Bags & 20 - 300cc Oxygen Absorbers For Dried Dehydrated and Long Term Food Storage ($18)
• 10 Five Gallon food grade buckets from a battery ($20)
• Bags of Beans ($40)
• Pasta ($30)
• Peanut butter ($40)
• Flour ($40)
• Organic seeds ($55)

Total: $663

• Go to Walmart and buy 6 water containers. $7 bucks a piece ($42)
• Buy water purifiers ($18)
• First Aid Kit ($10)
• Waterproof Matches ($10)
• BIC Lighters ($6)
• Survival Knife (Becker) ($50)
• Compass ($7)
• Toilet paper and kitty litter (when the water runs out, you can use the bucket and kitty litter to deal with your waste.) ($40)
• Soap and disinfectant ($30) (Disease will be a problem)

Total: $876

The last purchase would be a used mountain bike. Go to the local thrift stores, check Ebay, check craiglists and shop at the yard sales.

I would also consider antibiotics, a water filter, a backpack and several other items. Did I miss anything that you would buy?

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  1. To stretch funds further, use 2L soda bottles to store water. They are #2 grade and won't crack like milk jugs. Juice or Hi C bottles work great too. Also save money in kitty litter and use dirt or bury wastes. Save your glass jars and fill with rice, beans etc. This would free up a little out of your $1,000 to add oats to your food storage. They are good for you, filling and versatile. This is a great blog as I just found ya.

  2. Yeah, the bottles may be a better strategy.

  3. Don't forget a good pot with a lid, I'd get a cast iron dutch oven, maybe a 6qt with the legs. Lots of cooking oil!