Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Is Osama Bin Laden Hiding in IRAN? Or is this a Lie to Start a War with Iran?

Alan Parrot, one of the worlds foremost falconers, claims to have a source that has met Osama Bin Laden several times in Iran. His source is a warlord from north Iran who claims that he has met Bin Laden on several occasions since 2003. Parrot, President of the Union for the Conservation of Raptors, claims that Bin Laden has been involved in the underground falcon trade.

According to Parrot, the source met the source claims that Bin Laden was in good health and still living in Iran. The last meeting between the two took place in 2008.

Here's a question: Why didn't this guy step forward sooner?

Keep in mind that this information was posted by Fox News. The American mainstream media has a long history of omitting the truth and reporting lies. Remain the stories about weapons of mass destruction? Remember that bogus story about Iraq trying to acquire nuclear materials? And what about the non-existent tie between Al-Qeada and Iraq?

This maybe one of the stories used to create a war in Iraq.

Is this false information planted by the U.S. (or Israeli government) or is Iran hiding a mass murderer?

Personally, I think Bin Laden is dead. He knew too for the CIA to bring him to trial.



  1. Ahmadinjead just gave an interview with ABC stephanopolus where he was asked about this. He denied it and jokingly said that Osama bin laden was in Washington DC. Because Bush used to business with him. LOL