Thursday, May 13, 2010

Foreclosures Still High, Unemployment Wave Forming?

Good news! Well, it's only good news if you ignore the context. The number of foreclosures in April dropped by 9%. But that's because March was a record high. In April we had 333,837 foreclosed properties nationwide. And the job situation isn't getting any better.

In the links below, you'll find a number of stories about recent layoffs. I wonder how American business owners will react to the EU bailout. I'm hearing a lot of RUMORS about Germany exiting the EU this weekend. Frankly, I don't take these kinds of rumors seriously, but the mere presence of rumors can scare others. So I how this doesn't lead to a panic.

But we'll see.

Ciena cuts 140 jobs

Jordan School District cutting 190 jobs

Drug company Takeda cutting 1,600 jobs

More than 500 jobs lost with closing of Henry County furniture plant

Health and Hospitals Corporation Head Announces Plan To Layoff 500 Workers

500 Charlotte-Mecklenburg teachers will get layoff notices

Long Beach school district will issue 243 pink slips, mostly to teachers

Chevron cuts 925 jobs in East Bay

116 Port of Baltimore workers to lose jobs

Legg Mason to cut 250 jobs in Baltimore area

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