Wednesday, November 10, 2010

General Tom McInerney: It's a Missile, Not an Airplane!

Former three star General Tom McInerney, refuted the government's claimed that the mystery object was a airplane. As you know, this object appeared to be a missile and let a plume in the sky on November 9th, 2010. McInerney was certain that this was a missile. He appeared on Fox News stating that he has flew planes for 35 years and is certain that the object in question is not a plane. He believes that it was launched from a submarine.

"I am absolutely certain that that is not an aircraft."

NORAD is almost certainly lying. The General believes it could be a U.S. operation.

I think it's a former missile. Probably from China. "Why?" you ask. Because if it were an American secret operation, they wouldn't launch it near one of the biggest cities in America.

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