Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Revolutions are Violent!

By Reginald Kaigler (Youtuber DEMCAD)

Political cartoonist Ted Rall is convinced that America needs a revolution. Rall appeared on MSNBC's The Dylan Ratigan Show to discuss the broken political system and the impending need for a radical change. Although, he believes that violence should be the tool of last resort.

Rall said,

"We have a real unemployment rate of almost 20%. The economy is in deep trouble. People are being thrown out of their homes. Over 10 million of them. The planet is in trouble. This is unsustainable."

Damn, right! But the problem is that the American people are too scared to challenge their masters. Look at what's happening at the airports. People are being forced to subject their body's to the radiation of full body x-ray scanners. That couldn't possibly be good for their health. And if they refuse, they are physically violated by TSA workers. Does this strike you as a population that will defend itself?

Let me make myself clear. I never seek violence, but that doesn't mean that I would let anyone take my life away. If the government tries to hurt me, I will do whatever it takes to protect myself. Revolutions are inheritable violent. Revolutions are a power struggle. And government don't give up power. If the people want the power, they will have to reclaim it. I no longer believe in an intellectual revolution. I don't see the Republicans and Democrats or any third party doing anything about this mess. The only question is whether Americans will do something.

"Nothing will radicalize a citizen more than getting thrown out of their home by a bank that just paid its CEO a bigger raise this year than before. Nothing is going to radicalize you more than not being able to feed your kid."

Perhaps, he is right. Maybe people will get angry and stand up to the federal government. But at this point, I doubt it. I think people will get angry and kill one another. Look at what's happening in the black community. Racists cops beat and murder black males quite often, but when we get violent, who do we hurt? The banks have been screwing blacks over for decades, but who do we shoot? We kill each other. Some when this unsustainable system collapses, it's very likely that Americans will blame each other instead of looking at the Federal Reserve.

Earlier this year, I was convinced that the American people would revolt. As of November 10th, 2010, it looks like I was wrong. I don't see any meaningful political change. And I highly doubt that the American people would have the balls to fight the government. Frankly, I don't have much to lose. I'm a poor, black, 29 year old college grad who never had enough resources to worry about losing anything. I never really felt apart of this country. For all of the life, I've always been a "nigger" living in America. So watching this country collapse will not have the same effect on me as most people who consider themselves to be Americans. Perhaps Americans have a greater attachment and investment in this country's future. Perhaps they will surprise me.

Anything is possible. What do you think?


  1. Wow i didnt expect this from you, i think the reason you feel like a "nigger" in America is bc you let yourself feel like that. im a little disappointed in this comment.

    The Americans who happen to be black that i know all seem a little paranoid,And i tihnk the TV puts this out there. like Morgan Freeman said..."stop talking about it"

  2. "Earlier this year, I was convinced that the American people would revolt. As of November 10th, 2010, it looks like I was wrong."

    There will be a fight even if the government has to pick it themselves. I don't think food and energy inflation can lead to anything but riots, looting and martial law.