Thursday, November 18, 2010

TSA Pushes People Too FAR!

Has the TSA finally crossed?

Actually, they crossed the line a long time ago. Now, the TSA is forcing people to go through a full body scanner that subjects passengers to necessary amounts of radiation. Let's put aside the health threat, which is very real, remember when the U.S. Marshals were busted storing images of people after the government lied its ass off by claiming that the full body scanner photos were always deleted? I do. The U.S. Marshals kept thousands of images of naked people.

Fortunately, people are fighting back. We have DA looking into prosecuting TSA workers, watchdog groups pursuit legal avenues and passengers demanding respect. When a male screener told John Tyler that he was going to inspect his groin, he response became an Internet sensation,

"If you touch my junk, I'm going to have you arrested."

Trends forecaster Gerald Celente appeared on Alex Jones' radio show to tear TSA a new one. It looks like Celente was right about that revolt. Earlier this year, he foresaw a revolt by the American people and this appears to be it. He made a great point about why the American people are finally responding.

"The reason why this is bringing such outrage is because the people are bring directly affected by it. They can feel it. Literally."

Celente continues by arguing that the reason why people were not outraged over the war is because there is no draft and that they were not directly impacted by the war(s).

Try not laugh, but that's what it takes to wake the American people up. They don't care about American soldiers dying in Iraq and Afghanistan for false causes, they don't care about Washington stealing their children's future to feed the greed of the criminal bankers on Wall Street, but if you put your hands down their pants and grab their groin, then they will finally objective.

Frankly, I didn't think people would objective until the bankers were literally threatening to rape their children, but apparently even Americans have their limit. Even the American people have some dignity, albeit, not much.

So is this the beginning of a bold new trend for the American people?

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  1. The airlines aren't the "security" people. Separate company hired out to do this. The airport kinda operates like this.. the city owns it and the airlines then rent/ purchase the space there. The focus.. needs to be aimed at the city.

    Other thing.. they created these scanners before 2001. I worked for a major airline during that time. They showed us a little of how well it worked (was a picture).. but that it was a prototype and not going to be used until they could program means to be less revealing of the genitalia.

    Is it revealing.. lemme say it as this.. we joked around & complained that wearing saran wrap would be more modest. What they show on tv and the demonstrations on the news... this thing can show a lot.. like how long it was since you last got a bikini wax.

    The trained security.. are paid very little. Before this their favorite thing to do was hope someone packed a vibrator in carry on so they can make the person pull it out of their bags and turn it on "to verify it's purpose." That's from someone I had met that did work for airport security.

    Very true though.. very few will take notice or be moved to do anything until it effects them directly.

    The farm bill... no mention of it in the news. It is so broadly written that it can be used against a backyard gardener.

    Meanwhile Obama is in bed with Monsanto with "feed the future"... as Michelle plants her organic garden and is oblivious to the irony.

  2. I think the TSA should hire Gynecologists and Urologists to do the invasive pat downs. I hardly think the security guard dropouts will understand my FUPA is all real baby.

    Anne, About the farm bill, same here. I cannot find a jot on it.

    Between Cargill, Monsanto, Tyson, Ajinomoto I cannot wait until the oil crash. Then small local government will be the only one that is successful. Then they wont be able to send in big government armed agencies to raid and "bust" people who sell raw milk.